Alan Gold


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Alan Gold is one of Australia's most popular novelists, whose books are read throughout the world.

His novels are meticulously researched, and he travels regularly to a wide range of different countries in order to explore the culture, history and geography of the locations in which his novels are set.

Alan has been a novelist since 1993.

He began his working life on British provincial newspapers, before becoming a freelance correspondent for major Fleet Street newspapers in the United Kingdom and Europe.

He is the author of eleven major fiction and non-fiction books, each of which has been a best seller, and seven of which have been published internationally.

He has recently completed a trilogy of novels of which the theme is the experience of the Jews during the 20th Century.

The novels examine numerous aspects of the suffering and losses of the Jewish People as a result of anti-Semitism and wars.

The idea for the trilogy arose from a trip which Alan took with his wife Eva in order to visit the home where her family had lived before fleeing Europe.

The trilogy begins with The Gift of Evil which examines the question of the ownership of property which has been stolen in time of war.

The second book, The Marmara Contract looks at the perennial problem of anti-Semitism and seeks to understand the reasons for genocide.

The final book of the trilogy is Berlin Song, which documents the suffering of the Jews under the Third Reich, seen through the eyes of a young Jewish woman.

All of the books of the trilogy have been sold internationally, and will be published world-wide during the next two years.

Alan's current novel is a feminist re-writing of the biblical character Jezebel.

It was published in March 2001 to critical acclaim.

His short literary novel, The Mechanic, about the Nuremberg trials is soon to be published, and his next major work about the renegade Elizabethan Irishwoman, Grace O'Malley, entitled The Pirate Queen, will be published in March 2003.

He is currently completing a novel called The Kingmaker, based on Gertrude Bell, the woman who created modern-day Iraq in 1923.

One of his most successful books, a collection of Jewish short stories called Minyan, and has been favorably compared by literary critics to the works of Milan Kundera.

He is a literature reviewer for the Australian Jewish News, an occasional columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, the Australian and the Australian Jewish News, and a regular book reviewer for the literary magazine, Good Reading.

In June 2000, he was the NSW Human Rights Orator, as well as the B'nai B'rith Human Rights Orator in Sydney and Melbourne.

He is a visiting lecturer in literature at the Universities of Sydney and Western Australia, and a regular lecturer and speaker on matters of literature, defamation, racism and human rights.

Alan's full list of novels includes:

The Jericho Files
The Lost Testament
The Final Candidate
The Gift of Evil
The Marmara Contract
Berlin Song
The Pirate Queen

All have been published internationally, and some have been translated into German, French and Asian languages.

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