Support for Argentinian Jews

Information and links for and about the Jews of Argentina.

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Jews in Argentina

For updates on Argentinian & Latin American Jewry
The JOINT website

The Jewish Argentine Community Foundation
Tzedaka Online - English version

Tzedaka Online - Spanish version

Useful links

The website of the Australian Immigration Office
These Australian links are useful to Argentinians and other Spanish speakers living or wanting to live in Australia.
This is a page created by the Department of Foreign Affairs
(see also
It is full of very useful information provided by the Australian government for prospective immigrants and students coming from Spanish speaking countries.
The Australian SBS radio, broadcasts programs in Spanish across the country, with useful Australian news for Spanish speaking immigrants.
This is published by another federal government agency, the federation of ethnic communities
This site was designed for senior Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to better understand the Internet
Weather reports for Sydney and Melbourne in Spanish.
Link to translate Spanish to English and English to Spanish
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