Chanukah dates for 2008 (5769)
Sunday evening December 21 - First night Light FIRST candle
Monday evening December 22 Light 2nd candle
Tuesday evening December 23 Light 3rd candle
Wednesday evening December 24 Light 4th candle
Thursday evening December 25 Light 5th candle
Friday evening December 26 Light 6th candle
Saturday evening December 27 Light 7th candle
Sunday evening December 28 Light 8th candle

Chanukah fun graphics

Chanukah advance schedule 2009-2010

Chanukah websites

Australian Chanukah sites
For kids

For teens, adults and educators

Chanukah songs
Chanukah on Hebrew

Yiddish Chanukah poem translated by Theodore Bikel

International sites
Chanukah dot com


Preparing Latkes

Why Latkes?

Not to mention Ponchkes - Suvganiot - Jam Donuts

The Perfect Latke

And the story BEHIND the menus.....
The Chanukah page on All

For those who think there's more to Chanukah than food......
A Different Light:  The Hanukkah Book of Celebration - Review

The Jewish Agency's Chanukah Page

Jewish World Chanukah Page

Chanukah software:
"Who stole Chanukah?"

As usual, Jacob Richman's great site in Israel has a comprehensive
list of Chanukah sites.
Click here for Jacob's Chanukah websites list

Some other good resources online :

Jewish Post of New York Chanukah Page

The Cyber Home of Torah Chanukah Page

Chabad of Maryland Chanukah Page

A site which is largely for use with or use for younger children, dated 1999

The Aish HaTorah Chanukah Guide

Har Etzion Virtual Beit Midrash archive - sichot on Chanukah
4 sichot on Chanukah;  8 shiurim and 5 files on Laws of Chanukah.

Chanukah Advance calendar for next 2 years

Friday evening December 11, 2009 Light FIRST candle
Saturday December 12, 2009 Light 2nd candle
Sunday evening December 13, 2009 Light 3rd candle
Monday evening December 14, 2009 Light 4th candle
Tuesday evening December 15, 2009 Light 5th candle
Wednesday evening December 16, 2009 Light 6th candle
Saturday evening December 17, 2009 Light 7th candle
Sunday evening December 18, 2009 Light 8th candle
Wednesday December 1, 2010 Light FIRST candle
Thursday December 2, 2010 Light 2nd candle
Friday evening December 3, 2010 Light 3rd candle
Saturday evening December 4, 2010 Light 4th candle
Sundday evening December 5, 2010 Light 5th candle
Monday evening December 6, 2010 Light 6th candle
Tuesday evening December 7, 2010 Light 7th candle
Wednesday evening December 8, 2010 Light 8th candle
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