Italian Giorgio Perlasca saved thousands of Jewish refugees in Budapest during World War 2.

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Notice to Jewish Australia readers:

"My name is Mariluz Perea Costa. I am Spanish and I live in Rome where I work as Spanish Teacher at the Italian Public Highschool.

At the moment my students and I are studying the life and heroic work carried out by GIORGIO (JORGE) PERLASCA .

His fascinating "gesta" developed in Budapest during end of 1944 and begining of 1945 has moved us to contact many Jewish Communitites all over the world to find as much survivors as possible, who were just child or teenagers in that time.

We are looking for any persons who lived in Budapest, under the protection of the Spanish Embassy's Buildings, during the end of 1944 and the begining of 1945.

Through the "Letters of Protection" signed by Giorgio Perlasca many of them travelled to several countries and may live today in different places.

I know that time goes by, and runs away quickly ... the children of 1944 today are aged people and we are urged to contact them or any relative.

Let us know if you have any information:

If you know anyone who is a friend or relative of someone who was saved by Giorgio Perlasca please contact us and we will pass on your messages to the teacher.


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