Multilingual Word Search Game

This fun and educational word game can be played in
three different languages (English / Hebrew / Russian)
without special fonts or language support.

The game has an easy mode for beginners
and a harder mode for the more advanced players.

The game has 50 topics with over 1,000 words in each language.

General topics include: animals, fruit, sports, astronomy, colors, computers, human body, relatives, etc... Jewish topics include: symbols, Shabbat, holidays, rabbis, entertainers, famous people, yiddish, etc...

Israel topics include: cities, kibbutzim, writers, singers, presidents,
food, etc...

Each time you run the game the board is different.

Words are selected randomly from your topic.
There is also a print option to allow you to print out game sheets to play off-line.

Feedback about this new game has been very good.
In addition to the Multilingual Word Search Game, you will find other games and useful programs on the J site.
The site is free and very easy to navigate.


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