Songs and dances for Jerusalem Day

JERUSALEM DAY dates for this year

Enjoy the iconic song
Jerusalem of Gold
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Agadat Shalom Shabazi The Legend of Shalom Shabazi 1 Dance
Anachnu Olim Elayich Yerushalayim We are Marching Towards you, Jerusalem 1 Dance
Ani Ole Yerushalayim I go up to Jerusalem 1 Dance
Ba'al Hayeshuot  The Master Of Salvations     --  
Baderech Yerushalayim On the Way to Jerusalem 1 Dance
Bishe'arayich Yerushalayim  At Your Gates Jerusalem     --  
Chasidey Yerushalayim (Chasidei Yerushalayim) Jerusalem Kindness 1 Dance
Hakotel  The Western Wall     --  
Haleli Yerushalayim Jerusalem Praises 1 Dance
Hora Yerushalayim (Lashanan Habaa) Hora Jerusalem 1 Dance
Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim If I Forget You Jerusalem 2 Dances
Ima Im Hayiti  Mother, If I Only Could      --  
Ki Mitzion Because From Zion 1 Dance
Kotel Bi'rushalayim Wall in Jerusalem 2 Dances
Lach Yerushalayim For You, Jerusalem 3 Dances
Lirushalayim To Jerusalem 1 Dance
Lirushalayim (Lirushalayim Ircha) To Jerusalem 1 Dance
Lirushalayim Halachti (Yaffo) I Went to Jerusalem 1 Dance
Lemaan Tzion For Zion's Sake 1 Dance
Matityahu Va'chameshet Banav  Mattathias And His Five Sons      --  
Me'al Pisgat Har Hatzofim  From The Summit Of Mt Scopus 1 Dance
Naale Yrushalayim (Naaleh Yrushalayim) We'll Go Up To Jerusalem 1 Dance
Nachamu Ami  Comfort Ye My People     --  
Nishba Leyerushalayim (Ani Nishba Lach ) I Swear to You 1 Dance
Od Evnech Venivnet (Od Evnech Yerushalayim) Yet I'll Build You and You Will be Built 3 Dances
Or Viy'rushalayim Light And Jerusalem  2 Dances
Rachem  Mercy      --  
Rov Brachot  Many Blessings 1 Dance
Shaarey Yerushalayim (Shaarei Yerushalayim) Gates of Jerusalem 3 Dances
Shabechi Yerushalayim Praise Jerusalem 1 Dance
Shiro Shel Aba (Yibaneh Hamikdash) Father's Song 1 Dance
Shiru Hashir Sing the Song 2 Dances
Shuvi Bat Yerushalayim Come Back, Daughter of Jerusalem 1 Dance
Simchat Yerushalayim(Lashana Habaa Biy'reshalaim) Jerusalem Joy 1 Dance
Sisu Et Yerushalayim Rejoice With Jerusalem 5 Dances
Tfilat Yerushalayim Jerusalem Pray 1 Dance
Tzion Tamati Zion, my Innocent 2 Dances
Uri Tzion Wake Up, Zion 1 Dance
Uva'u ha'ovdim (Biyerushalayim) In Jerusalem  1 Dance
Uvne Yerushalayim (Uvneh Yerushalayim) And You Rebuild Jerusalem 2 Dances
Veliy'rushalayim Ircha  And To Jerusalem Your City      --  
Yeled Tov Yerushalayim Good Boy of Jerusalem 1 Dance
Yerushalayim Jerusalem 4 Dances
Yerushalayim Haacheret Other Jerusalem (The) 1 Dance
Yerushalayim Ir Chazon  Jerusalem The City Of Prophecy     --  
Yerushalayim Shel Barzel  Jerusalem Of Iron      --  
Yerushalayim Shel Mata Umaala Jerusalem of Below and Above 1 Dance
Yerushalayim Shel Zahav Jerusalem of Gold 2 Dances
Yidden  Jews      --  
Zot Yerushalayim  This Is Jerusalem 1 Dance

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