Natan Yonatan z"l

Israeli poet Natan Yonatan, who won several Israeli literary awards with works that weaved together themes of nature, love and war, died Friday, March 12, 2004. He was 81.

Yonatan won the Newman Prize for Hebrew Literature in 2001. His 20 books of poetry have been translated into several languages, including English, Russian and Spanish.

A few of his poems have been set to words, some of which are included in the modern Israeli dance repertoire worldwide:

Al Gvul Hayam Haacharon  - Ne'saf Tishrei - Tov Lalechet Badrachim - Kmo Balada aka Zer Kotzim - Yesh Prachim - Dugit - Shirim Ad Can -  Chofim - Shir Ahava Yashan (Anita and Juan)

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