Shavuot sites

The Pedagogic Center
The Department for Jewish Zionist Education
The Jewish Agency for Israel


Introductory sites

Teachers, adults, parents, upper elementary students upwards. 
General overview
1 file with main features explained, 
Terms well glossed, calendar dates and internal links for further references

Families, young parents. 
General angles only.
10 sections/files
Textual; 4 games with some visuals
First fruits, origins of Shavuot;
Shavuot & written word;
Ruth as a role model;
All night learning - tips;
Study together - for parents & 4 ideas for kids;
**Kids' corner - coloring;
2 recipe sections. 

Parents, children, community; introductory teachers.

aesthetic, introductory content
5 sections
Short summary of agricultural importance and original meanings; Legends & Customs - Very brief summary of study and dairy customs;
10 Commandments - source and focus;
Cards to send
Message Board, webography. 

For Teachers, Adults, Families & Children



Adults, schools, educators, kids, teenagers, families.
6 files on origins & significance; very short files on customs
Focus on Chabad Chassidim, subjects cover Torah study, Sinai, Holiday guide,stories for Kids, personalities, recipes andteaching from the late Lubavitcher Rebbe. 


Really short files for class or children
Guide and activities 
Activities include: game contest;3 Jewish leaders;Observe and hear the 10 Commandments; Choosing a mitzvahcustoms.Call to identify. 
Serious users will require further sources. 
For teachers & children.
Introductory to certain aspects of Shavuot.
Text, discussion, sources with photographs.
Interesting for focus on 7 species in Israel, modern responses to Torah sources, Harvest Festival, nature pictures, a few archive photos.
Activities and games for pre-readers, early Hebrew readers; English readers ;
Overview of customs and story
6 sections for teachers and competent readers; printable calendar. 
Lively presentation, but background is not interactive or presented for dynamic instruction.
Substantial reading section with linked files on Torah at Sinai, 10 Commandments
Story of Ruth - Summary of the Megillah;
Fun & Games -;
**Coloring - 14 coloring pages to go for text and concepts;

Greeting cards - gallery, send/receive options;

Recipes --cheese blintzes.

High School Through Adult


Basic to intermediate.
12 textual presentations in chatty files; 2 audio lectures.
Focus on the understanding of Sinai & Torah:
Infinite essence, integrity of Torah, Chain of Transmission; 
Rambam on Sinai Event & Belief;
Torahthon (Tikkun Leil);
Audio: Receiving Torah, Events at Sinai.
Essentially for adults, adult groups, students; teachers.
pluralistic orientation, Online study options
4 areas of study, 
Printable English Gemarah and other texts also usable in top elementary classes and upwards.
Resource card, brief History.
Online study options offer clarification using well prepared, short Talmudic and rabbinic sources and questions on the Torah texts; DiscussionForums
For teachers, adults, communal leaders; middle school upwards.
Basic to advanced.
Detailed text files, audio shiurim, audio Megillat Ruth: real video, quizzes, linked resources.
Aspects of Shavuot; Laws & Services, Customs, Rosh Chodesh; 
In-depth audio lectures, rabbinic discussions with insight, video shiurim; 
Jewish IQ Quizzes. Ohr Torah Stone shiur on-site; 613, Aish, Ohr shiurim linked.

More Advanced : Students, Adults

Adult or academic student oriented.
Moderately advanced level. 
4 text files
Acquisition in the Book of Ruth; Divine Word at Sinai; Unique cantillation marks for the 10 Commandments; Understanding of Talmud Torah as a Commandment.
Added value for the choice of issues, details and combination of perspectives. 

Primarily graduate/adult lectures, small fun section.
Intermediate to advanced content. 
8 sections. Text & audio, Q&A, some photos; online & downloadable essays & lectures (ascii, Word, Adobe).
Comprehensive resources, mainly cerebral content, often lengthy files. Essays with sources. Sometimes entire series of linked issue files as one entry. 
Homepage may be unstable in IE. 
Adults, teachers, educators, community.
Introductory-intermediate adult education/drashot; also, advanced classes.
11 articles on shavuot, readable length; 13 Project Genesis classes from 5756-5760
Articles with emphasis on combination of Written and Oral Law; 
Several varied focuses on Megillat Ruth; 
multi-sectioned,interpretational Parsha study by issues, with thoughts & implications for individuals and community - inclividual.
Maharal focus and other perspectives.
Adults, teachers, young adults, communal leaders.
Intermediate plus to Advanced level.
Interpretational discourse on texts; methodical insights; study ideas 
Journal & 5 archive sections, 19 units. 
Comprehensive coverage of Shavuot: 
Ruth - reading, parallels, significance; 
Bar Yohai, Omer; 
Text & discussion based, variety of styles; also study ideas for Tikkun
Extensive archive of sources

Well formulated.


For teachers, groups - in Hebrew only.
Israeli customs and terms.
Shavuot sources, Mishnah interpretation
7 short textual files on coloured background 
Holiday history from Mishnah to Modern customs;
Matan Torah;
Reading Megillat Ruth;
Dairy customs;
3 songs.
Teachers & children. Basic to early intermediate knowledge; Hebrew reading skills required.
7 sections & links.
* good reading & comprehension practice for intermediate-advanced school Hebrew language classes in Jewish schools; 
* stories with pointed (vocalized) text for student or teacher use.
Units constructed around assignments for work on coloured pages: text with questions, games, craft & study activity ideas, discussions. 
Hyperlinked text for glosses and other internal links.
Continuity only available through main index, not all follow on.
Recipes, games and stories
For teachers & children.
Introductory to certain aspects of Shavuot.
Interesting for focus on 7 species in Israel, modern responses to Torah sources, 
Text, discussion, sources with photographs ofharvest Festival, nature pictures, a few archive photos.