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Lion Hearts
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Lion Hearts

Author: Dr Henry Lew

Lion Hearts is a quasi-sequel to the highly successful "The Stories Our Parents Found Too Painful To Tell."

It has been lauded by such prominent personalities as Sir Michael Holroyd, Professor Suzanne Rutland, Professor Hugh Taylor, former Justice Ronald Merkel QC, George Golvan QC, well-known businessman and Holocaust survivor Nathan Werdiger and such prominent book reviewers as Christopher Bantick and Steven Carroll.
Many readers have contacted the author to say they couldn't put it down. The book is best described by the comments below.

"Many men and women in the later stages of their lives contemplate writing autobiographies or family memoirs for their children. Not many actually do so and very few take on such thorough research or discover such dramatic stories as Henry R. Lew has done. His Lion Hearts is structured like a series of connected chapter-carriages, full of refugees and asylum seekers, and the sounds of exhilaration and sadness, which travels through a history of the twentieth century. Though centred on the author's family, the story embraces us all and deserves a wide readership."
Sir Michael Holroyd
(Chairman of the Society of Authors, 1973-83
President of the English branch of PEN, 1985-88
President of the Royal Society of Literature from 2003-08).

"Lion Hearts chronicles the survival story of Henry Lew's father Lonek, who migrated to Melbourne after the war, having escaped from Bialystok to the east with his wife Genia. The book consists of a series of vignettes relating to the key personalities in Lonek's life - and thus also in Henry's life - which gradually build up a powerful picture of life in pre-war Poland, of events during the Holocaust and of the historical background which has moulded post-war Melbourne Jewry. The book is an important work, substantially researched, and written with great empathy. It makes for compelling reading, highlighting European antisemitism, the Jewish refugee and survival story, and the resilience of human nature in rebuilding lives after devastating experiences."
Professor Suzanne Rutland OAM
(Professor of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney.)

"When ophthalmologist Dr. Henry (Harry) Lew's father Lonek died he found it too painful to write an obituary. "Lion Hearts" is his attempt to rectify that omission but achieves much more: an obituary for a generation of Polish Jews, Holocaust survivors who became the basis of a European community in Melbourne in the late 1940s."
Dr. Katrina Watson.

"An exceptional book about extraordinary people living in extraordinary times; my only regret on completing it is that I have not met any of them personally."
Christopher Bantick.

"I want to tell you to keep writing till the day you die and to continue writing about the Holocaust, because nobody quite writes about it the way you do. My wife brought me "Lion Hearts" yesterday. I was already reading three books simultaneously, a chapter at a time; and I thought I could do it for four, so I read the first chapter of "Lion Hearts." I immediately put the other three books aside and read yours in 24 hours. I want to tell you that as a child survivor of Auschwitz you taught me things about the Holocaust I never knew; for someone who has been in business in Melbourne since 1949, you taught me things about the Melbourne Jewish community I never knew before; and when I read the chapter that describes your visit to Treblinka the tears ran down my cheeks like waterfalls and drenched my shirt."
Nathan Werdiger.
(Businessman, Philanthropist and Holocaust survivor)

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