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Smitten by Catherine
Books > Biography & Memoir

Smitten by Catherine

Author: Dr Henry Lew

"Smitten by Catherine" (2016) is the first book ever written about the amazingly fascinating life of Catherine Rachel Mendes da Costa (1678-1756).

Da Costa was the first ever female Jewish painter in recorded history; the first ever English born Jewish artist, either male or female, in recorded history; and only the third ever English born female artist in recorded history after Mary Beale (born 1633) and Susannah-Penelope Rosse (born circa 1650).

This is a true story which no fiction writer could ever even begin to hope to imagine.

Who could believe that the first female Jewish painter in history was born in the Royal Palace in London and that the Queen of England was her God-mother?

Other fascinating personalities who make an appearance in this story include such names as Michaelangelo, Sofanisba Anguissola, Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony Van Dyck, Rembrandt, Donna Gracia Nasi Mendes, Suleiman the Magnificent, Oliver Cromwell, Manasseh ben Israel, Sir Robert Walpole the first British Prime Minister, Sir John Churchill the first Duke of Malborough, and Voltaire to mention just a few.

**A signed and numbered limited edition of only 500 copies

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