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Israel Independence Day 2008 - Footage from Tel Aviv Beach
Images: Israel at 60
The Australian Parliament House of Representatives Motion celebrating Israel's 60th Anniversary Read the speeches and view President Shimon Peres' video message
Read about the Jewish vote in Australia in The Bulletin
Greer Fay Cashman, Jerusalem Post columnist, examines the issues affecting Israel and the Jewish World in the last week of August 2007
Click here to listen and download
Read Theodore Bikel's keynote speech to the Congress of Jewish Theatre in Vienna
SBS Radio:
Professor Ehud Netzer's mission to find the lost tomb of Herod has seen him labelled "the Israeli Indiana Jones" - click to listen
Ohad Naharin choreographer and artistic director of the Bat Sheva dance troupe on his dance philosophy - click to listen
SBS radio end of year 2006 summary podcast
Greer Fay Cashman from Jerusalem (in English)
"The Seven Days of Creation"
Radio Poland broadcasts in Hebrew
Love and Israel - The review
Great opportunity for U.S. summer work 2006
Applications are now being accepted for our 9 week summer camp programme in the U.S.
Places are available in over 100 different sport and activity areas.

Jewish Camp Directors love hiring Aussie staff!

Applicants need to be at least 18 by June 1, able to depart during the month of June 2006 for a minimum of 9 weeks, have no criminal record, be calm, energetic, and flexible and have a genuine desire to work with kids.

As a counsellor to American youngsters, you'll be employed to teach them new skills, share experiences and cultures as well as providing overall supervision. In other words, you'll be a 'brother, sister, mentor, supervisor' all rolled into one. So get ready for an incredible American summer.

Applications are accepted until April 1 2006.

For more information or a brochure please call 1800 653 477


or visit our website
SBS Radio: Efraim Halevi English interview program, interwoven with some lovely Sukkot songs.
Click here to listen
Efraim Halevi has held various senior security posts in Israel among them the chief of the Mossad intelligence agency and Head of the National Security Council but he disagrees with the policies of the current government including its platform for peace the "Road Map"
SBS Radio commemorates 11 years of the passing of Yitzhak Rabin
Listen to the special program from November 5, 1995 which includes among others John Howard, Isi Leibler and Sid Splindler
Click here to listen
Have you seen....? The Pokemon song in Hebrew
On July 4 1006 The Jewish Agency for Israel held a worldwide videoconferencing event to mark 30 years since Mivtza Yonatan, the Entebbe Rescue.
See our Entebbe page with all the links

See the song that was written in tribute: "Eretz Tzvi"
JYM's "Little Shop of Horrors"
People loved the show! Read comments, see photos
Commonwealth Games Baton Relay
Do you know anyone who took part in the relay around Australia? Let us know
Legendary Israeli singer Shoshana Damari dies aged 83
Photos - paying last respects to Shoshana Damari
Read Gary Gray's latest short story
Photos - Tu Bishvat in Adelaide
US Feminist Betty Friedan dies age 85
Updated biography of Ariel Sharon from the Jewish Agency
"I just came back from Auschwitz"
Read the impressions of author Gary Gray

The Australian Jewish News Turns 110

Famous Front Covers exhibition:
See sample covers online

Read launch speeches

The exhibition will be travelling.
For venue information contact the
Australian Jewish News
Chaim Topol
Read about the actor, his work and his life
A Koori doctor goes to Jerusalem
Read about the recipient of the Ron Castan Memorial Indigenous Scholarship
The Kimberley Plan by Melbourne journalist Leon Gettler
   Listen to the story on The Ark with Rachael Kohn
JNF visits Massada College Adelaide
See photos and read the students comments
Israel's Disengagement from the Gaza Strip
Detailed background from the Jewish Agency
Australian business leader Richard Pratt AC receives an Honorary Doctorate
from Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Read the text of the speech which links water, Australia and Israel
Looking for Australian Jewish women in the Arts
Read about the new AJWA database
JNF Honours Adelaide's Holocaust Survivors
Story and photo - click here
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - the environmentalist and the river
Library and Information Week 
Is your favourite book on the list?
Australian wins the Arthur Rubinstein piano competition

Anzac Day
Israel coach voted European Sportswomen of the Year by the IOC.
Read about Orna Ostfeld and her work with women's sports

Daylight saving links
Gila Almagor, recipient of the 2004 Israel Prize

Vegemite will be kosher again! New batches soon
Click here for all the links you need
Tsunami Information Hotline
1800 002 214

Australian Government's travel advisory and consular assistance service.

Bnai Brith Foundation Tsunami Appeal

Emergency supplies from Israel to Indonesia
First ever EL AL Israel Airlines flight to land in Indonesia brings Tsunami relief

Restoring tourism to Tsunami nations
Read about Israel's participation in the World Tourism Organisation conference
New study: Anger, negative emotions may trigger stroke
Anger is bad for your health. Read all about it
Jewish Community's Emergency Agency Activated During Quake Crisis
New website - in Hebrew and English - for Israelis and Jews planning to visit Australia.
Click here to find out more
Chanukah in Israel
Pictures of the world's largest Menorah - read all about it
Israel-Palestinian joint tourism agreement
Read about this new and significant development
Magnificent new book of poems
Read about Nora Krouk's Skin For Comfort
From the web to the stage!
Read about Melbourne Dance Company Chunky Move's new premiere
Israel prepares American doctors for disaster management
Training to dealing with mass medical emergency situations
Israel puts the lettuce on top
Lettuce is the new bread: a year-round demand with a market in the billions
Israeli singer-songwriter Uzi Chitman dead at 52
Composer of hundreds of songs including Noladeti Lashalom, Adon Olam,
Or Lagoyim, Kmo Tzoani, Kan Beiti, Nigunah Shel Hashchuna, Toda
Comprehensive coverage on the Jewish Agency website
Israeli therapy may slow onslaught of multiple sclerosis
Read about intravenous immunoglobulin and its potential
An electronic health record for every citizen
Israel a world-leader in developing this important technology
Israeli cleanup of Alexander River wins international 'Green' award
Read about a project that straddles both sides of the border
New rail link between Ben Gurion airport and Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean coast
Read about Israel Railways new initiatives to improve airport transport
Israeli study: Vitamin E helps hearing loss recovery
Vitamin E may be effective in restoring sudden onset hearing loss of unknown origin
A new online project explores the patterns that link seven Australian families to Shanghai
Read about The Menorah of Fang Bang Lu
Athens 2004 Olympic Games
Jewish Australia special feature
Israeli poet Natan Yonatan died in March 2004 at the age of 81.
He weaved together themes of nature, love and war.
Survey of the Australian Jewish Community
The impact of assimilation - please contribute your experiences

Israeli Elections 2003
The parties, the process, the parliament:
Keep informed

Israeli diplomat and statesman Abba Eban dead at 87
Click here for the story on Israel Insider
The end of an era at the State Zionist Council of Victoria.
Read tributes
The Foodlovers Guide to Australia - in Perth

"Hannukah is an eight-day Jewish feast where families get together to play traditional games, eat chocolate money, light a Chanukah candle each night and feast on luscious jam donuts and latkes (potato pancakes).
Maeve joins a Perth family as they celebrate one of the fun events in the Jewish calendar."

The segment features:
kids at the Perth Carmel School singing Chanukah songs
making a chanukiah with Morah Hazel Hadassin, Jewish studies teacher;
Hazel's mother-in-law making latkes,
The Kosher Food Centre starring Bernard Bettane making lucious donuts
a feast at Hazel's place
Hazel talking about Channukah.

Click here for the SBS Chanukah page with background and links
Comedy: The Six

"A cast of quirky characters each with a deadly accurate wit, make this show one to see."
City Search Melbourne

Cast includes talented young actor Daniel Tusia
More about Daniel Tusia

Click here to read the review

Israeli author Etgar Keret

Etgar Keret's latest book

Review of "The Bus Driver who wanted to be God and other stories"
Israel to send emergency aid to Micronesia.  Click here
Ancient DNA techniques played a key role
in identifying victims of the September 11th terrorist attack in New York.
Read about the conference
The King David String Ensemble
"Israeli artists converge on Canberra "
Jerusalem Post coverage by Mark Schulman
Vital facts on Israel's war against terror
Read these talking points for the full story.
Click here
Gaya was here.
Israeli pop group with a funky Yemenite twist, incorporating rhythmical drumming and earthy beats.
Click here to read a review of their Melbourne concert

Click here to preview their biggest hit "Yachad"

Read the lyrics to Yachad on the Hebrew Songs dot com website
Jewish Rural and Regional Australia

If you know anyone Jewish who lives in rural Australia, please let them know.

They travel to such places as
Wagga Wagga, Griffiths, Jerilderie, Orange,
North Star, Toowoomba just to name a few.

One their main tasks is to have a database
of as many Jewish people living in the RARA areas as possible.

The 1996 census revealed there were approximately 3,500 people in RARA.
Their research reveals the real number is probably double.
For example the 1996 census shows no Jews living in Griffiths.
Their research has found approx. 25 to date.

Contact them via their website.
Jewish women and breast cancer:
American organisation, Sharsheret is a a not-for-profit organization
linking young Jewish women with breast cancer.
Click here for the Sharsheret website
Unveiling of the Tree of Life sculpture
by sculptor Simon Kessel:
click here
Prime Minister John Howard presented with replica of
sculptor Simon Kessel's
"Tree of Life"

Click here for the photo
Read about the Israeli musician who plays
the trumpet and the shofar.
In Tasmania. Click here.


The inaugural Keith Murdoch Oration

UK Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks speaks of terror and tears

The American Jewish Committee's "must-read" guide to the issues.

Read about a family from Arizona
who had their daughter's Bat Mitzvah in Australia:
because of Jewish!
Click here


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