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Recommended Kids Books A-Z
Have a look at Anthony Browne's Animal Fair [$24.95] - it's the old Nursery Song "I went to the Animal Fair, the birds and the beasts were there . . . " with spectacular pop-ups.
Anthony Browne is famous as the creator of the character Willy the Wimp, and many others.

The JUMBO floor puzzle - is, as it suggests - HUGE and brightly coloured in either ABC or 123. This is a fun learning tool at $16.95.

What about a "Dress-up" Book? These come in a pack with a board book, head band with ears and a tail. CUTE!!!! Choose from Pig, Panda, Mouse, Monkey, Bunny or Tiger [$16.95]

Beautiful Picture Books
Various Faerious [$24.95] You think you've seen faeries - not like these you haven't. Artist Jacqui Grantford has created this story in verse with the most beautifully illustrated and believable faeries.

Every picture tells a story especially when the illustrator is Lizbeth Zwerger. Her dreamy watercolours have earned her virtually every recognition an illustrator can be given including the most prestigious of all, The Hans Christian Andersen Medal.

Her latest is Swan Lake [$29.95]. Her previous books are the most beautiful editions imaginable of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz.

Another retelling of a classic is Thumbelina [$25.00] by Anna Feinberg and illustrated by Mark Jackson and Heather Potter.

The Red Tree won Honour for Shaun Tan, the Author/Illustrator.

An Ordinary Day
won Picture Book of the Year for Author Libby Gleeson and Illustrator Armin Greeder.

My Dog
, Book of the Year for Younger Readers written by John Heffernan and Illustrated by Andrew McLean.

Where Does Thursday Go?
also an Honour Book by Author Janeen Brian and Illustrator Stephen Michael King.

Younger Readers
will be delighted with Otto and the Flying Twins [$19.95] "It all started with a puzzling coughing noise . . ." and there's Magic.........

Pincus Corbett's Strange Adventure [$14.95] the tailor has disappeared - so has the magnificent suit he created for a hypnotist . . . and there's Magic.......

The Fairy Realm [$19.95] by Emily Rodda contains all six books in one volume. There's danger . . . and Magic.....

for Lemony Snicket fans, The Carnivorous Carnival ($19.95) is the bizarre ninth instalment in this series.

Also available is A Box of Unfortunate Events - a gift boxed set of three books by Lemony Snicket for $59.95.

Fans of Elizabeth Honey will enjoy 45 & 47 Stella Street; What Do You Think Feezal? and Don't Pat the Wombat! as a three-in-one volume under the title: Elizabeth Honey's Bunch of Books at $19.95 [ - magic price]

Voyage of the Arctic Tern [$29.95 Hard Cover] is a classic tale of treason, treachery and treasure. A novel in verse splendidly illustrated by Nick Poullis.

A richly atmospheric thriller The Thief Lord [$15.95] a beautiful, magical [!!] treasure with the power to spin time itself.

For teenagers
Peter Dickinson comes highly recommended by Philip Pullman [who won the Whitbread award for his book The Amber Spyglass] Dickinson's own book The Ropemaker [$14.95] is a splendid yarn.

Another tale of magic and adventure from the heart of the jungle is Isabel Allende's City of the Beasts [$29.95 HB], a voyage of discovery set deep in the Amazon rainforest.

Voyage of the Artic Tern mentioned in the Younger Readers Section is also suitable for teenagers. The brilliance in writing and sense of history evoked in this verse novel will be appreciated by this age group.

Darksong: Book Two of the Legendsong [$29.95] is the parallel world trilogy from Isobelle Carmody. Certainly it is a big read of 760 pages depicting the world of Keltor; the Song [harmonising] and Chaos [the dark forces]. Suitable for fantasy fans of all ages, and a wonderful sequel Darkfall.

and for the extras -

Four books worth a mention at only $7.95:
1001 Cool Jokes; 1001 More Cool Jokes; 101 Cool Science Experiments and 101 Cool Ways to Make Money


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Recommended Reading

HOTTER THAN POTTER:    "Where to" after Harry Potter!!
The Harry Potter series has re-ignited children’s interest in reading.

To capitilize on this renewed interest here is a list of titles that children can move onto.

It is a guide only. There is a lot more good literature around.
Spend an hour or two in your local bookshop or library for more suggestions.
  Chronicles of Prydain series Lloyd Alexander  10 + 
  The worlds of Chrestomanci series Dianna Wynn Jones  10+
  Deltora Quest series Emily Rodda  8-12
  Wizards of Earthsea series Ursula Le Guin  11+
  Series of unfortunate events Lemony Snickett  9+
  The weirdstone of Brisingamen/
  Moon of Gomrath
Alan Garner  9+
  The Boggart Susan Cooper  9+
  Matilda Roald Dahl  9+
  Groosham Grange Anthony Horowitz  10+
  The secret of platform 13 Eve Ibbotson  9+
  Which Witch Eva Ibbotson  11+
  Dragon Boy Dick King-Smith  9+
  Redwall series Brian Jacques  9+
  Master of the grove Victor Kelleher  9+
  Narnia series C.S. Lewis  11+
  His dark materials series Phillip Pullman  9+
  The Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkien  12+