Morris Lurie

Author Morris Lurie lived and worked in Melbourne.
He died on 8 October 2014.

He wrote more than thirty books including Flying Home,
selected by the National Book Council as one of the ten best Australian books of its decade.

The Twenty-Seventh Annual African Hippopotamus Race
voted by schoolchildren of Victoria their favourite young storybook by an Australian author, and the Bicentennial Award-winning autobiography, Whole Life.

Many of his stories have appeared in overseas publications
including The New Yorker, Punch and The Times in the UK,
and in Australia, Meanjin and Quadrant.

A new collection of his stories will be published soon.

Photo by Ponch Hawkes
Morris Lurie Books:

Rappaport (1966)
The London Jungle Adventures of Charlie Hope (1968)
Rappaport's Revenge (1973)
Flying Home (1978)
Seven Books for Grossman (1983)
Madness (1991)

Waterman (1979)

Whole Life (1987)

For children
The Twenty-Seventh Annual African Hippopotamus Race (1969)
Arlo the Dandy Lion (1971)
Toby's Millions (1982)
The Story of Imelda who was Small (1984)
Night-Night! (1986)
What's that Noise? What's that Sound? (1991)
Racing the Moon (1993)
Zeeks Alive! (1997)
Boy in a Storm at Sea (1997)

Seventeen Versions of Jewishness (2001)

The English in Heat (1972)
Hack Work (1977)
Public Secrets (1981)
Snow Jobs (1985)
My Life as a Movie (1988)

Happy Times (1969)
Inside the Wardrobe (1975)
Running Nicely (1979)
Dirty Friends (1981)
Outrageous Behaviour (1984)
The Night We Ate the Sparrow (1985)
Two Brothers Running (1990)
The String (1995)
Welcome to Tangier (1997)
the Secret Strength of Children (2001)

When and How to Write Short Stories and What They Are (2000)

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