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Welcome to the Jewish Australia Environment page.
Climate change, greenhouse gases, global warming and meteorology are at the forefront of environmental concerns.

How does the human way of life impact on our environment? What costs are paid by us and future societies?  This is the page for links, answer to these questions, and more questions.
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General links
Jewish Environment Organisations
weather projects
Energy rating
How to choose energy efficient appliances.
Bureau of Meteorology
A very useful starting point to explore Climate Change
Climate Change
Further information for those who wish to learn much more about climate change and the climate in general
Students and Teachers
Great teaching resources for students and teachers who may want to explore studies in the weather
Climate Change Impacts
The Australian Government, Department of Environment and Heritage, statements on climate change and downloadable brochures in PDF format
Keep track of the water level in the Kinneret - Sea of Galilee
B'nai B'rith Environment Group (BBEG)

B'nai B'rith Environment Group (BBEG), which was established in 1997, has recently ceased to exist.

Over its 15 years, BBEG’s major projects were: making and selling calico bags for recycling, (2 or 3 years before the supermarket chains began to get into the act); regular tree planting sessions and participation in Clean Up Australia Day; Eco Tours; seminars on, and production of educational material on issues of sustainability; financial and working-bee support for the Port Phillip Eco House, and provision of recycling bins at BB House.

Funds that remained were donated to the JNF Environment Gift Fund for the Zelman Cowen Memorial Forest.

JECO - The Jewish Ecological Coalition inc
JECO seeks to raise awareness about environmental issues, to actively promote ecological sustainability, and to emphasise and deepen Jewish commitment to the environment.
   JNF - KKL
   Jewish National Fund /
   Keren Kayemet LeIsrael

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JNF KKL Worldwide  Based in New York
JNF KKL Australia
JNF-KKL Israel
JNF-KKL Israel - Information Links
JNF KKL France
JNF KKL Offices worldwide  (Argentina, Canada, Germany, Holland, Italy, Sweden)
JNF KKL Offices around the United States
Caulfield South Weather Station
Caulfield South Weather Station is the only professional class weather station dedicated to bringing an understanding of our weather to kids.

Automatically updated every 15 minutes, keeping 14 day histories and useful highs and lows, it serves our community to begin learning about climate change, significant events like droughts and will expand its operation to monitoring soil moisture conditions to promote accuracy in watering gardens in the near future.
It serves as a learning tool, promotes environmental awareness, inspires art, encourages maths and science, supports communication and is referred to by kids, cyclists, schools, outdoor sporting people, hobbyists, elderly people (possible heat stroke alerts) and many more.
"We Are What We Do"
Caulfield South Weather Station featured on "We are what we do" illustrating that even at a local level what we do has important benefits for others and makes a real difference with the initiatives we choose to do.
The UV & Me Project
See beautiful audio-visuals of the Australian landscape taken by Ruth Goldwasser of Melbourne.
Please note: on clicking you may be asked to install 'Photodex Presenter' - this is a well-respected site and it's a once-only download.
Birds of a Feather    
An evocative audio-visual presentation of birds photographed in Australia.
There are 2 birds in the AV, the peacock and the flamingo, that are not indigenous to Australia. They were photographed at the Sydney and Adelaide Zoos. The rest are all Australian native birds.
Desert Sands  
Swan Lake
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