We share below some of the nice comments we've received from all over Australia and around the world.
All the quotes below were unsolicited email messages.
Again, we thank all our readers for their continuing encouragement and enthusiasm.

Aura Levin Lipski, Publisher, Jewish Australia Online Network
What our Customers say

"What a wonderful job you are doing bringing song and dance into our life.  I enjoyed (your enewsletter) very much and wish you a shana tova - health and happiness and you should always sing and dance.
T Koniarski
Melbourne Victoria Australia

"Congratulations on your website. It is a very useful resource; we have received an average of 40 referrals per month from your website to ours this year.
Feedback from our members is that they have found the link from our website to yours equally useful."
Fiona Leonard, Vice President, Brisbane Progressive Jewish Congregation
Brisbane QLD Australia

"I have used  frequently when in Israel for extended periods and other places, to feel connected with happenings in Oz. Your website is spectacular.  All the best to you."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Thank you for all the effort you put into this site.."
 Melbourne Victoria Australia
"...thanks from New Orleans. You are doing a great job."
New Orleans Louisiana USA
"Kol Hakavod! A very useful site specially the songs before & during the Chagim.
I also recommended it to family & friends overseas planning a visit to Australia."
Sydney NSW Australia
"I love this Australian site. I'm always telling people to check it out."
London England
"I am absolutely thrilled to be back with jewishaustralia online.
I missed the news, (myriad) views and the close contact with my home and global community.
PS: Not to mention the great layout - info immediacy -
and being able to compare the football ratings of Israel and the Socceroos!"
Thanks and Shalom.
Outback Queensland, Australia
"It is very hard to be Jewish in (remote rural Australia)
I was excited to find your website, a new source for getting some of things we wish we had."

Northern Territory, Australia
"I looked at your site and I think its fantastic, no wonder you have so many hits - YOU ARE A HIT!"
Perth, West Australia
"Thank you for having the competitions on your site and please thank the promotors as  well....
I love your site, keep up the good work, it is very easy to navigate."  

Ulong NSW Australia

"It's a credit to you how well Jewish Australia has come on,
and how streamline and simple you've made it to 'list your event' online!"
Sydney NSW Australia
"......the web site is wonderful, beautifully designed and full of interesting information. 
A great addition to the life of this community.  Thank you for all your hard work.
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Thank you for keeping me in touch with my Jewish roots this year"
Rural New South Wales, Australia
"Thanks for your very interesting email.
I never cease to wonder how do you manage to include so many interesting subjects in your website.
It covers a whole range of topics, people, places, news all over the are fantastic"
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"A great site enabling contact for isolated members of the community."
South Australia

"I wouldnt want to miss any of your emails. You do have a great site!!!!!!"
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Thanks for displaying the request for an on-line Hebrew Language tutor for Outback Queensland.    The response I received was more than I had hoped for.
Offers of assistance included those from Israel, America, Rio de Janeiro, England and France. 
I  love the promise of all things interesting when my computer lights up with the Jewish Australia Home Page. 
The Outback is not so remote after all !"

Outback Queensland, Australia

"Thank you very much for sending me the reminders and updates about the Jewish festivals -
you are doing great work in Australia."
Montreal, Canada
"Wishing you blessings for health happiness and fulfilment in all you are doing for the commmunity."
Perth, Western Australia
"I love receiving Jewish Australia Online and would like to keep receiving information from you."
Bundaberg, Queensland Australia
"I found my Melbourne Greenberg family, and it was because one of their friends saw my note on your site (On your Noticeboard - Seeking Relatives).
Wonderful! You can take the message off now, and mention that I have found them."
Arizona, USA
"As an expatriate living in Israel, you are not only bringing Australians closer together, 
but you are bring Australia closer to Aussies living abroad.
It's great to check in from time to time and see what's going on."

Tel Aviv, Israel

"Thanks for running such great competitions, and for providing a fantastic site for the Jewish Community."
Sydney NSW Australia
"What a reward for all of your efforts to build Jewishaustralia into a really useful connection to the world."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Your site is a great resource for Jews in Australia and around the world. Congratulations!"
Melbourne Victoria Australia

Your website is terrific.
I tell overseas contacts to look at it, it is so comprehensive.
You are doing a great job!
Perth, Western Australia
"I am overwhelmed by the global divergences of your labours.
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"What can I say - I love the site"
Sydney NSW Australia
"I just wanted to congratulate you on a well presented, and informative web site.
It's not often that I come across a web site that offers
a wealth of quality and hard-to-find information about Judaism and Israel
and shows so much concern for the building and strengthening
of the local Jewish community in Australia.
Rishon Letsion, Israel

"I booked some tickets for Fame on the Jewish Australia web site today
and was really impressed with the whole system.
Thanks again for offering an excellent service!"

Melbourne Victoria Australia
"I am a frequent visitor to,
and want to commend you on this fantastic web site."
Tel Aviv, Israel
"You are absolutely the most organised web person I've ever seen.
Such service deserves a gold medal, and if I had one I'd gladly hand it to you.
The website is fantastic too. Kol Hakavod."

Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Thanks for the website.
I enjoyed listening to all the songs for Pesah.
I will be tuning into that website for all to hear at home."
Sydney NSW Australia
"You've been brilliant. Thanks for the support."
Sydney NSW Australia
"To Aura Lipski on her completion of another Gregorian calendar year of Jewish Australia.
Please add our mazeltov!"
Melbourne Victoria Australia

"Mazal Tov from the Jewish Employment Network.
A fantastic achievement."
Melbourne Victoria Australia

"The presentation is beautiful, I could not expect anything better.
Your website is unique."
Sydney NSW Australia
Thank you for your selfless contribution to the community and your endless enthusiasm.
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"I have recently been to your web site while researching about Judaism.
It is an excellent site and found it very useful for some concrete information.
Thank-you for creating the site it is a great source"..
Year 11 student, Brisbane, Queensland
"Though I just skimmed the surface (of Jewish Australia), I'm very impressed.
It's fantastic. Kol Hakavod"
Sydney NSW Australia
"Thanks a lot for adding information and link to our shule, we appreciate all the work you have done."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
Your website is getting bigger and better daily! Well done!
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Thank you very much for providing such an informative web site."
"Thank you once again Aura for your fantastic site and assistance
which we appreciate greatly.....
We will continue to publicise the site in all our communications."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Your website looks bigger and better every time I log on!
I find your Jewish holidays calendar particularly useful
and helpful in future planning of events etc.
Just wanted you to know that you are appreciated!"
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Thanks so much for organising the links to our events -
it really enhances our publicity."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"I have recently been to your web site
while researching about Judaism.
It is an excellent site and found it very useful for some concrete information.
Thank-you for creating the site it is a great source..
Year 11 Student, Melbourne
"The Jewish Australia site is eyecatching,
interesting and easy to handle."
Doncaster, Melbourne
Victoria Australia
"I really enjoy using the Jewish Australia site - it is a real joy to use
and is full of useful information and excellent links."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Your site is terrific, and I'm happy I stumbled across it."
Tucson, Arizona, USA

"Thank you for providing such lovely competitions."
Perth, Western Australia
Your site - it's very very very nice !!!


"Now, after my paper is ready I get the chance to write and tell you a great big thank you for all your help.
Here in the University the books about your community were not very updated and the material I got from Leonie (from Makor) was a great help. I really enjoyed getting to know your community.
I got to get to know a lot of things I didn't know before."
Student at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
We referred her to the Makor Jewish community library in Melbourne,
when she couldn't find material for her research in Jerusalem.

"I have been using your web site recently a lot - along with my daughter.
It has helped her a lot in her Hebrew School Project - which is a report on Jews in Australia.
We were able to get good information and contacts she could email .
Thank you for a wonderfully helpful site."
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
"I really like your site. It's very well organized and thorough."
Netanya, Israel
"Again I congratulate you for enable me to surf to all this wonderful smorgasbord
of Jewish life in all different places, sounds, events, news, etc.
Bravo and Mazeltov."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Thanks for all that you do. It is very much appreciated."
Adelaide South Australia
"Thank you for the wonderful information you keep supplying the community.
Your site Jewish Australia is a wonderful conduit for the community and beyond."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"What a wonderful helpful, supportive, uniting experience
can result from the proper use of technology!!!
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"What can I say? -'tavo aleich beracha' "
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"The web site is most impressive - what an amazing job you are doing..."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Just to let you know I used your website to resource and publish a piece on the Argentinian story.  It was used by JTA.
Henry Benjamin, Australian Correspondent
Jewish Chronicle - London
JTA News Agency - New York
"Thanks for keeping us informed about Jewish Australia.
Your site has served us on numerous occasions, whether referring it to many overseas Jewish enquirers intending to visit, people coming to work here , or anyone needing information on various organisations and activities of the Jewish community.
The feedback I had was most encouraging."

Alla Pilman JP, Information Officer,
Office of the Consulate General of Israel, Sydney
You are providing a great service.
I will be visiting Hobart this coming Pesach
and through your Synagogue index I was able to locate someone
who invited us to their home for Seder.
Thank you Jewish Australia and Aura.
Ralph Jacobsohn, Boca Raton, Florida, USA
"Your site absolute cornucopia."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Brilliant! All the details I need are right there!!
Your site really is packed with lots of valuable information."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Keep up the excellent work you are doing and service you are providing."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Thanks for all your wonderful mail - keep it up."
Johannesburg, South Africa
"Shalom Aura,
I arrived in Israel a few hours ago -
What a nice way to keep in touch with the community during our absence. (This is a) great service. Thank you."
Reprinted with kind permission
(His Excellency, Gabby Levy, at that time Israel Ambassador to Australia)
"Several people came   (to our last information evening) because of sighting it on Jewish Australia.
It really is a wonderful win win for any organisation that connects with you."
(Leah Justin, Director, Melton Adult Education Program, Melbourne)
To Aura & all at JA,
I recently won the prize of the book "Voyage of their Lives" by Diane Armstrong& just wanted to thank all of you for a most beautiful surprise. In my short 38 years I have never won anything - this was certainly a lovely way to start.
With many thanks again, kindest regards & a happy new year to you all
Perth, Western Australia

"Thanks so much for such a quick answer!
I do enjoy receiving your e-mail notices so that I can keep up with Australia!"
Cincinnati, OHIO, USA

I will tell all....
Jewish Australia Dot Com is the best!!!!!!!
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"....What a fantastic job you do with the Jewish Australia website.
I was looking at it the other day and was struck by the amount of work
that must go into it and how well-presented everything is."
Melbourne Victoria Australia
"Keep up the good work: I really love the site."
Sydney NSW Australia
"Thanks for putting...(the article) on the web.
You are good to us and the entire Jewish enterprise."
from the United States
"I just had to write and tell you how useful The Hebrew Song Index is to Makor Library.
We are always looking for information about songs and to have it all in one place makes life much easier for us."

Makor Jewish Community Library.
Melbourne Victoria Australia
..."Was browsing thru your site (again) yesterday...its tremendous."
New York USA
"Thank you very much for linking my website.
Your website,, caters to my ideal market.
Thank you for the chance of sharing your audience, I really appreciate the opportunity of having that exposure."
Sydney NSW Australia
"Thanks as always. Your response is astonishing in its immediacy.
What can I say? I wish I had one like you in every English-speaking country.

You've helped make my job worthwhile."
(from Israel)
"Well done Aura -
you have every reason to be proud as you are doing an excelllent job
in informing the community on a whole variety of things
and giving us all a place to read about all things Jewish."
"I find the web site very informative, sensitive, highly professional and scholarly and Heimish.
Your service to the community is valuable and essential. "
I must congratulate you on getting so many hits for your website(s).
That is a very impressive statistic, one which I thought only huge Company websites would receive.
I'm simply shocked. :)
(from a web designer)
"The Jewish Australia site is absolutely marvellous!
You really demonstrate that our cultural life is rich enough for a community 20 times our size!"
"Your site is fantastic, well done, very professional,
with something for everybody."
"Dear Aura,
thanks so much for the fantastic job you are doing for the community -
the information flow is now getting so good that
we are becoming the envy of communities all over the world."
"Clearly your site is going from strength to strength
and I want to wish you a yasher koach......
the work you are doing is tremendous and Hashem should only reward you
and keep you stimulated and full of bright ideas."
"Well done are doing an excellent job
in informing the community on a whole variety of things and
giving us all a place to read about all things Jewish
"Jewish Australia is offering a wonderful service for Australian Jewry.
Well done."

I feel very honoured to be on your list....
Fantastic that the dot com has really taken off ...
.... I have been checking it regularly and think you are doing
an amazing job with keeping everyone in the know.....very important!!

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for this website. It is brilliant!"
"Kol hakavod Aura! Your site is getting better all the time."
"Just wanted to let you know that your website is amazing."

"You're offering the Jewish community
a good networking opportunity and sense of "community"!"
"The Web Site is brilliant and very creative! Everything you need to know & more........
I've already forwarded the address to my family members / friends
(half of my family live in Israel, which I'm sure thay will appreciate it!)"
"Congratulations on your web site!
It looks very comprehensive and I wish you all the best with it."
"Mazel tov! it's a great site, and I'm sure it will become a valuable resource for the community."
"Can't tell you how impressed we are with your site - Kol Hakavod."
"Kol HaKavod and Mazel Tov on an excellent website.
With grateful thanks for your unbelievably prompt attention to our request."
"I am full of admiration for what you have achieved.
The material you've included to date is just what I would have hoped is there and much much more.
I think the presentation is inviting and easy on the eye, also well organised.
Hearty congrats on this great achievement
and I'm sure it will just go from strength to strength.
I shall certainly be telling my friends here and overseas about it.
A brilliant concept and implementation!"
"I just had a look at the site, and it could not be any better - it really looks great.
Thank you so much for your hard work and getting it done so quickly."
"I just want to tell you how grateful we are for your support.
.......people like yourself can make such a difference.
I feel so secure knowing this exists within our Jewish community."
I'm absolutely...fascinated at how detailed your page and the links are.
Kol Hakavod again!"
"It is fab to see everything I want to know about events and
everything Jewish in Australia.
"Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous job you have done of the website,
it seems to have all the information imaginable available there."
"Looks great Aura - and once Yaisher Koyakh on a fantastic web page and
resource, which in terms of content, depth and presentation is outstanding.
"I have only now discovered your terrific website,
All I can say is WOW!
What a wonderful job you have done putting together
such a great deal of information to the Jewish Community.
This message is to simply congratulate you on a job well done.
Please accept my praise of your wonderful work.
The work you are doing with the web site is fantastic.
Very impressive and fulfilling a void in the community.

"I have checked out the calendar and it is fabulous.
Thank you so much for all your time and effort.
"Just wanted to congratulate you on this very coherent and informative site.
The organisation that must have been involved in getting this off the ground is mind boggling."
"Just a short note to thank you for Jewish Oz."
"Aura- what a classy web site! Congratulations and many thanks."
"The home page is great I check it on regular basis, and also thanks for your e-mails announcing events."
"This is the first opportunity I have had to view your website.
It is just fantastic. It must have taken an enormous amount of work.
All strength to you. It really is terrific."
"You never cease to amaze. Congratulations on a wonderful site."
"Thank you for your emails. Your contribution to a united Jewish People is appreciated.
Your site is very valuable."
"I have just finished an enjoyable visit in Jewish Australia.
Keep up the good work. It is really a great service for the community."
"It's a great service you're providing."
"Keep me on your mailing list - its a great site."
"Thanks for the plug Aura - you always do the right thing!"
"Thanks for the newsletters you have been sending.
They are indeed a service to the entire Jewish community."
"Thank you for the exposure you will be giving me, I really appreciate it.
It is wonderful how the Jewish community support each other -
I think it is remarkable and commendable."
"I have only just had a chance to look at your website. Mazeltov! I love it!
From my point of view, the website will be so helpful and useful.
I really am thrilled with the depth of information and links you offer.
Once again, many many thanks for such a comprehensive website. I love it."
"Just to let you know that I love the Jewishaustralia website,
especially the Jerusalem Post news."
"Your site looks fantastic! I was very impressed with its scope and clarity."
"I love being in touch with the rest of Australia. Keep up the good work."
"I have just caught up your website - it's fabulous -
kol hakavod to you for doing it and I wish you all the success it deserves."
"Yesherkayach on a great website."
"Great to know you're getting so much recognition. It's well deserved."
"(....Maintaining my own website.....) gives me an awesome appreciation of such mammoth websites as Kol ha kavod to you."
"ta U r a - star."
"Mazel Tov!"
"The Jewish Australia web site is absolutely fantastic. .
We... love it so much. We have spent hours browsing the site.
"I had a quick look at your web site and what I did see was exceptionally impressive.
Yashar koach!"
"I am overwhelmed and in awe!"
"Many thanks for your emails....we used to live in Oz and now live in Hong Kong, however, we still enjoy your emails to see what is happening on the home front. Keep up the good work."
"Thanks for featuring my book on your very vibrant and inviting site."
"Love your work!"
"Congratulations on your lovely website - one of the parents of our school brought it to my attention."
"Dear Aura, thanks for all your help, people must be looking at the site, 'cos we got 2 new people to our shuirim from it. Thanks again for all your support."
"You are to be commended ! The website deserves the title of the best !!
This is a wonderful mitzvah that you have accomplished with all of your hard work !!!!
Thank you, Aura for persevering."
"Congratulations on building such a wonderful web site.
I can see that this will be a great asset to the community.
It is rich with information, user friendly, bright and colourful and lots of fun.
I'm thoroughly impressed."
"I must congratulate you on this very artistic, interesting and very well thought out site.
I have been sending it out to my children and their feed back has been very positive and a huge thx you mum.
"Dear Aura - Thank you again for a delightful site!"
"Congratulations! Your site is looking better than ever."
"You have done a great job with Jewish Australia dot com. It's a convenient way to keep up with the news....."
"I just clicked onto your website - and WOW! Amazing! I love the header!
What a lot of work you must put into it for it to be so successful.
"Thank you for your speedy reply. I have had a look at your website, how fantastic!
I think it is great and such a wonderful service."
"Congratulations, the jewishaustralia web site is very informative and the graphics are splendid!"
"Dear Aura,
It is great to have such an instant reply. I'm sure you know how rare that is on the Internet.
I can not thank you enough for your assistance."
"I just discovered your website and I am very impressed. Well done and thank you."
"I found the Purim page terrific. It enabled me to find some pieces which we used as part of
our friday night dinner as our reading of the megilla."
"Your site is getting better and better and I start to visit it more and more for the information on our community. You deserve a medal."
"Congratulations Aura-
Your page just keeps getting more and more wonderful."

"You are a real trap (but a nice one) - once I get on to your page I don't want to leave,
from speeches to kids' books - wow!"
Many thanks for your detailed reply to my Passover query.
...I was given the Jewish Australia site address by someone from the ABC after I made enquiries about a speaker I heard on their breakfast program on Good Friday.
(Amazing how one finds out information isn't it?)
Many thanks again for your reply and helpful information.
........And there's more:
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