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Jewish Children's Learning Network
Outstanding site - a must visit.
America-Israel Friendship League
Archaeology sites
Arutz Sheva's Jewish Universe
BJE Toronto Online
The website of the board of Jewish education in Toronto, Canada
The Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education
Informative site where Jewish Educators use technology
"Lilmod u'lelamed"(to learn and to teach)
The Fact Finder: Dynamic Online Library
Hebrew/English interpretation
by Registered Court Interpreter and translator, Ashi Fachler
Excellent range of interesting links
Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
Israelowitz Publishing
A photographic history of the largest Jewish community in the world.
Izrael Badacz
News about Polish Jews and information about Israel. It also provides information about remains of Jewish culture in Poland such as old synagoges and cemeteries.
Jerusalem Online
Jewish Celebrations
Jewish Communal Service Association of North America
Jewish Entertainment
Jewish film archive on line
Jewish Illustrated Encyclopedia for Children
This is a site in progress, but a very interesting concept and worth a visit.
Jewish Internet Association
The Clearinghouse for Jewish Communal Jobs
Jewish Language Research Website
Jewish Links
Global Jewish information network
Jewish Newspapers Around the World
Jewish Periodicals on the Internet
Jewish Renaissance Centre
Jewish Software
Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
Jewish Virtual Library
Judaism and Jewish Resources
A Resource for Turkic and Jewish History in Russia and the Ukraine
The Maror Desk Netherlands is a Dutch-Jewish organization that searches for survivors of World War II (or their children) who lived in the Netherlands permanently or for some time during the war years.
Paper Judaica
The World's Largest Online Library
This is a virtual online general library aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students with some 70,000 articles and books online.
Thanks to S. Salcman of Melbourne for this link
Shamash - The Jewish Network
The Digital Genizah - A Jewish Internet Directory
The Institute for the translation of Hebrew literature
The Menorah of Fang Bang Lu
The Poet Rachel -
Israeli poet Rachel Bluwstein, Rachel (1890 - 1931)
More on the poet Rachel
Totally Jewish
UK Jewish site
Virtual Jewish Library

Please note:
All Israel websites
are on the ISRAEL page.

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