"Making a Difference"

The history of the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia  

Author:  Marlo Newton
Published in 2000 by Hybrid Publishers.

Making a Difference:
A History of the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia
draws on more than 80 personal interviews with members and friends.

The book traces the development of a women's 'not-for-profit' organization.

 The first half of the book is written thematically, discussing leadership, feminism,
community service and Zionism as core values of the NCJW.
The latter half of the book narrates the chronological history of each state section.

The book will interest general students of Australian Jewish history;
women’s history and volunteerism.

Author Marlo Newton is a Melbourne freelance writer and communal worker.

An historian by training (she has a Master of Arts in History from the University of Melbourne),
Ms Newton has researched and written material for several Jewish organizations
and is a regular contributor to Generation Journal and the Australian Jewish News.

Her publications include ‘Circles and Cycles: The Australian Jewish Family’
(with Dr Helen Light), in The Australian Family: Images and Essays,
Anna Epstein (ed), Scribe Publications, Melbourne, 1999,
an entry in Tales Told Out Of School, MSMC, 1999
and the CD ROM A Distant Home for the Jewish Museum.

This is her first book.

To obtain copies please phone or email the NCJW office in your state.