The Complete Israel Stamp Collection of 2007
packed in a gift Stamp Album


DVD "Israel-Aerial Odyssey”,
spectacular aerial views of Israel.
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Storm of Emotions - DVD

Winner of 4 international film festival awards - Se'arot Regashot

A documentary on Israel's disengagement from Gaza from the point of view of several Israeli Army officers.The Story of brothers in heart.

Writer & director: Yael Klopmann

New product: Bar Mitzvah For Beginners

A revolutionary Bar Mitzvah tutorial made specifically for Bar Mitzvah students with limited or no Jewish educational background.

This program on CD ROM provides an overview of the Bar Mitzvah customs and teaches the basic traditions that all Bar Mitzvah students need to learn.

Great for using in conjunction with personal Bar Mitzvah lessons.

* The Book of New Israeli Food

The Book of New Israeli Food is a large format, full-color illustrated album brimming with more than 150 recipes – both traditional and innovative - stories and images of the nation and its unique landscapes and cityscapes, plenty of advice on special ingredients, cooking techniques and serving suggestions.

But, The Book of New Israeli Food is much more than a cookbook: it is an attempt to capture the spirit and flavor of this unique culinary culture steeped in tradition and pulsating with innovation, rooted in the land and spiced with the latest trends from New York and London.
With all Your Soul - The Story of Roi Klein - DVD

Highest rating documentary film on Israel's IBA channel 1, 2007

Major Roi Klein was killed in the battle at Bint Jbeil in the Second Lebanon War. He died sacrificing himself to save his soldiers.

This is a story about courage, faith, and love.
Israeli Movie on DVD - English Subtitles
Crazy Mud (Adama Meshugaat)

Set in the mid 1970's, 12-year old Dvir Avni navigates between the equality values of his home-born Kibbutz and the relationship with his undermined mother.

Winner Berlin International Film Festival
Winner of 5 Israeli Film Academy Awards, Miami Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival.    

Israeli Movie on DVD
Beaufort (Bufor)  

English, German & Hebrew Subtitles

The true story of the last unit of soldiers on the legendary Beaufort outpost.

Winner - Silver Berlin Bear Best Director: Joseph Cedar

90 minutes

Israeli Movie on DVD
Three Mothers (Shalosh Ima'ot) Israeli movie

Rose, Flora and Yasmin were born as triplets, sixty something years ago in Alexandria, Egypt.

Hebrew, English & French Subtitles.

106 minutes

Israel on Your Pocket PC, GPS English Maps

Complete maps of Israel Including Vocal Guidance, 3D maps, GPS. Suitable Microsoft Windows Mobile
Available for English, French, Spanish, French, German Speakers.
(22 languages)

When in Israel attach an optional GPS receiver to your Pocket PC and Israel2Go becomes a fully functional GPS guidance system complete with speaking directions as you drive!
Mio C310, Full Israel GPS Navigation System
including English Maps

Perfect companion for your next visit to Israel.
The Mio C310 is built on the Windows Mobile Platform and uses the Israel2go navigation software.

Pre-loaded Maps 
Maps of Israel are pre-loaded and ready to use out of the box.

Voice Guidance and Choice of Languages 
Clear voice instructions and user-friendly menus in English, French and Spanish & More (22 languages)

Welcome to Hebrew
Complete DVD self-study

New & Improved course.
Made to improve conversational skills in Hebrew.
Includes 30 lessons in a 3 DVD set with a book.
Available for English, French, Spanish, Russian & German Speakers


Israel’s War History DVD

Including the Second Lebanon War
Feature-length documentary: 120 minutes, English

Israel’s War History is the most up-to-date comprehensive account of the battles that have shaped Israeli history and society.

Decide which period of Israeli history to explore:
1. 1917-1948 War of Independence
2. 1948-1956 Sinai Campaign
3. 1956-1967 Six Day War
4. 1967-1973 Yom Kippur War
5. 1973-1982 Lebanon War
6. 1982-1991 Intifada & Gulf War
7. 1991-2005 Peace Process & Second Intifada
8. 2005-2007 Disengagement & Second Lebanon War


Aramaic / English Electronic Dictionary
3 Dictionaries for the price of 1

The only electronic dictionary that includes an Aramaic/English, Aramaic/Hebrew.

Special Bonus: Hebrew - English Speaking Dictionary.
Based on The Melamed Dictionary

Israeli movie 2005
Karov Labayit
Winner of the Berlin International Film Festival

Pillar of Fire

The outstanding and highly praised Channel 1 series.

 It documents the Zionist enterprise from its inception in 1897 to the establishment of the state.

The series is set against the background of events that led to Israel's development and shaped its character.

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra 70th Anniversary

This 12 CD collection includes recordings with some of the greatest artists of our time.

The recordings include artists such as Leonard Bernstein, Zubin Mehta, Arthur Rubinstein, Itzhak Perlman, Daniel Barenboim, Isaac Stern and many more.
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