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Purim Shpiel

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Author: Gadi Pollack
Illustrated by: Gadi Pollack
SKU: 978158330596

An imaginatively illustrated Megillas Esther. The events in the Book of Esther are presented in the light of Midrashic sources (noted at the end of the book), with the addition of humorous details and whimsical touches in the spirit of the traditional "Purim Play". Included is the full text of the Megillah in Hebrew with English translation, from The Margolin Edition of the Torah.

Each double page illustration is packed full of interesting details. Pollack suggests a number of items and events to watch for and you will find many more on your own. Look carefully for all the details, all the hints and the hidden meanings. This book will keep the kids - and you - entertained for many hours, and keep you coming back for more.

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