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1921-1993 Melbourne writer (deceased)
'Zat Izz Apples, Sir' (1986)

Melbourne academic and writer
Post-Holocaust Identity and Unresolved Tension in Modern-day Israel: Savyon Liebrecht's Apples from the Desert

ADES, David 1956- Adelaide poet
ADLER, Jacques   Melbourne academic and historian
The Jews of Paris and the Final Solution
Communal Response and Internal Conflicts, 1940-1944
ADLER, Louise   Melbourne publisher and editor
AFTERMAN, Allen 1941-1992 American-born poet and legal academic (deceased)
Lived in Australia 1967-1981
AJZENBUD, Moshe 1920- Melbourne Yiddish writer

Alein in Gezeml, Lonely in a Crowd. Melbourne, 1970.
The Commissar Took Care.Translated by Leah Ajzenbud. Melbourne (Globe Press), 1986.
Gelebt Hinter Kratn, Lived Behind Bars. Buenos Aires (Yidbuch) 1956.
Niesvizher Yidn. Niesvizh's Jews. Short stories, Melbourne, 1965.
Nusach Y. Rapoport. Y. Rapoport's Style. Melbourne, 1967.
Yugneleche Blondzenishn. Dilemmas of Youth. Melbourne, 1973.

Latest book published 2006 (in Yiddish)
Pnina, un andereh dertzeilungen
(Pnina, and other stories)
ALEXANDER,Goldie 1936- Melbourne writer
Body and Soul An Adult/ Young Adult novel set in 1938
Unjust Desserts An adult murder/mystery
My Story: Surviving Sydney Cove A diary telling of the hardships of the First Fleet
Killer Virus 10 Stories about boys for both boys and girls
Killer Virus Teacher Notes  
Easternport Bay A Young Adult mystery
Astronet For 9-12 year old readers
6788 For 7-10 year old readers
The Little Big School For beginner readers
Seawall 7-9 year old readers
Appearing in early 2004  
Starship Q  
Co-writing with Hazel Edwards:
Excuse Me! Outrageous Plays For lower secondary students
The Business of Writing for Young People A ‘how-to' book for adults
Right and Wrong 5 plays to make you think
Right and Wrong Teacher Notes  
ARMSTRONG, Diane 1939- Sydney writer and journalist
The Voyage of their Life (2001)
Mosaic (1998)
Winter Journey

ATLAS, Zygfryd

  Just One Life (1999)
BAKER, Mark Raphael 1959- Melbourne writer and academic
The Fiftieth Gate (1997)
History on the Edge(ed)
The Letter of the Law (forthcoming)
BEARMAN, Margaret 1966- Melbourne writer
Above the Water
BENNETT, Samuel   Melbourne Yiddish writer and columnist
Chronicles of a Life (1999)
BERGNER, Herz 1907-1970 Melbourne Yiddish writer (deceased)
Between Sea and Sky (1946)
Light and Shadow (1960)
(Also other titles in Yiddish)
BIDERMAN, Abraham 1924- Melbourne writer
The World of My Past (1994)
Abraham H. Biderman's autobiography was self published in a small print run, and won two major Australian book awards: The Biography Prize and the Banjo Non-Fiction Book of the Year.
BLACK, Ben   Breaking Ranks – Turbulent Travels in the Promised Land 
BLAY, Anna Rosner 1947- Melbourne writer
Sister, Sister (1998)
The story of two sisters who survived the concentration camps.
Hale & Iremonger Pty Ltd  

Not Paradise (2004)
BLINT, Wolf   By Jeep to Freedom (1994)
BLOCH, Felicity  

Melbourne writer and critic
Review of Antonia Finnane's Far From Where?

Review of Aline P'nina Tayar's Mediterranean Journey

Review of Mara Moustafine's Secrets and Spies

BOAS, Bernard  

Melbourne writer and critic
It's Time to Rewrite the Bible

The Five Books of Boas

BRASCH, Rabbi Dr R   Sydney writer and rabbi
BRETT, Doris 1950-

Melbourne writer and poet
Eating the Underworld
Looking for Unicorns (1992)

BRETT, Lily 1946- New York-based writer and poet
The Auschwitz Poems (1986)
Poland and Other Poems (1987)
After the War: Poems (1990)
Things Could Be Worse (1990)
What God Wants (1991)
Unintended Consequences (1992)
In Her Strapless Dresses (1994)
Just Like That (1994)
In Full View (1997)

Mud in My Tears: Essays (1997)
Too Many Men (1999)
BROOK, Steve   Melbourne writer
But I Digress: A Life in London, Sydney, Melbourne and Warsaw
BUCKRICH, Judith Raphael 1950- Melbourne writer and journalist
George Turner: A Life
COHEN, Bernard 1963- Sydney writer
Tourism (1992)
The Blindman's Hat (1997)
Snowdome (1998)
COLLINS, Alan   Melbourne writer
The Boys from Bondi (1987)
Going Home (1993)
Joshua (1995)
COOPER, Leo   Melbourne writer
In the Shadow of the Polish Eagle:
The Poles, the Holocaust and beyond
CURZON, David   New-York based poet and editor
Modern poems on the Bible: An anthology

View From Jacobs Ladder: One Hundred Midrashim
CYKIERT, Avraham 1948- Melbourne writer and Yiddish broadcaster
Biographical details

The Emperor of the Ghetto is a one-man play which deals with Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, the Jewish Leader of the Ghetto of Lodz and his dilemmas in dealing with the Nazis.

It was first performed at the Caulfield Arts Centre in 1993, followed by seasons at the George Fairfax Studio (Victorian Arts Centre), St Martin's, the Adelaide Fringe and Tasmania as well as performances in over seventy schools in Victoria and South Australia.

Death Camp Less Traveled: Silent Screams of Belzec

DOWSE, Sara  

Canberra writer
Biographical details


ELISHA, Ron 1951- Melbourne Playwright

Choice, Einstein, Esterhaz, In Duty Bound

Goldberg Variations, Pax Americana
Safe House, The Levine Comedy, Two
ELLIOTT, Marietta 1937- Melbourne poet
ENCEL, Sol   Sydney Sociologist and writer
Biographical details


"Public Perceptions of the Public Administrator",
Australian Journal of Public Administration, XL (3),
September: 187-200. Daniel, Ann and Encel, Sol (1981)

Out of the Doll’s House: Women in the Public Sphere.
(with Dorothy Campbell) Melbourne: Longman Cheshire. 1991
ENGELMAN, Matylda 1914- Melbourne writer
Journey Without End
: an autobiography (1977)
Melbourne : Lantana, 1977.

The End of the Journey:
concluding Journey without end, an autobiography(1978)
Melbourne : Lantana, 1978.
EPSTEIN, Jan   Melbourne film writer and critic
Film writer, reviewer:
"Cinema Papers", "Australian Jewish News", ABC ("filmic representation of history" forum)

1992. 'Australian Films at Cannes'. Cinema Papers. n. 89 (August).
ERLICH, Rita   Melbourne journalist and food writer
Colour me Healty (co-auth with Dr Alice Murkies)
FACTOR, June  

Melbourne writer
All Right Vegemite!
Far Out Brussel Sprout
Roll Over Pavlova
Unreal Banana Peel
Real Keen, Baked Bean!
Ladles and Jellyspoons
A First Australian Poetry Book (ed.)
Australian Childhood: An Anthology (co-ed.)
Big Dipper series (co-ed.)
Cinderella Dressed in Yella (co-ed.)
Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?
Mickey the Mighty Magpie
June factor's Jumping Joke Book

FAGENBLAT, Michael   Melbourne academic and writer
FALK, Barbara   Melbourne academic and writer
FEIN, Yvonne 1953-

Melbourne writer
April Fool

FENIGER, Saba   Melbourne writer
Short Stories, Long Memories (1999)
Vista Publications
FIENBERG, Anna 1956- English-born Sydney writer
Borrowed Light
Horrendo's Curse
FREADMAN, Richard 1951- Melbourne academic and writer
Shadow of Doubt: My Father and Myself
FREIBERG, Freda   Film critic and reviewer
'Lost in Oz? Jews in the Australian Cinema'
FREIMAN, Marcelle 1951-

Sydney writer
Marcelle Freiman is a lecturer in creative writing and post-colonial literatures at Macquarie University, Sydney, and has completed her doctorate on the novels of J. M. Coetzee. Her book of poems Monkey’s Wedding (1995) was highly commended for the Mary Gilmore Prize in 1996. Her poetry is published in journals in Australia and England and has been read on radio and in performance.
Jacket Magazine 2005

FRYDMAN, Gloria   What a Life: A Biography of Paul Morawetz
The Street That Died Young
GARDNER, Helen 1939-

Melbourne writer
My Mother's Child

GAWENDA, Michael   Melbourne journalist and editor
Editor of "The Age" newspaper 1997-2004
GELBACH, Igor 1943- Melbourne writer
Notes from the Esplanade
GETTLER, Leon 1958- Melbourne journalist and writer
Click here for a list of Leon Gettler's Opinion pieces in The Age newspaper
GINGOLD, Robert    
GLAS-WIENER, Sheva 1916- Children of the Ghetto (Kinder in Ghetto) 1983
GOLD, Alan 1945- Sydney authour
Biographical details and links to all his books

The Jericho Files
The Lost Testament
The Final Candidate
The Gift of Evil
The Marmara Contract
Berlin Song
Jezebel (2001)
The Pirate Queen

Sandra Goldbloom Zurbo began writing fiction at the age of 50.  Her first novel, The Book of Rachel was published by Allen & Unwin (1998). It was twice in both the Australian Book Review and The Age Top Ten lists.  

Sandra Goldbloom Zurbo's short stories and poetry have been published in magazines and newspapers, including Westerly, Generation and The Age, and in an anthology of modern Australian Jewish writers, Enough Already (Allen & Unwin, 1999).  A freelance non-fiction editor she is currently working on her second novel which is set in Melbourne and New York.
Thanks to the Mary Cunnane Agency website

GOLDHAR, Pinchas 1901-1947 Stories of Australia (1939) - in Yiddish
GOLDSMITH, Andrea 1950- Gracious Living (1989)
Modern Interiors (1991)
Facing the Music (1994)
Under the Knife (1998)
The Prosperous Thief
GOLVAN, Colin 1955- Melbourne writer
Theatre Daze (1990)
GOULD, Lucy  

Empty Corners

GRAY, Gary 1926- Melbourne short-story writer
A Spoonful of Soup
Click on the link for Gary's stories online
GRINBLAT, Kathy   Melbourne writer
Biographical details
Kathy was born in Paris, France, to Alexander and Marika Weinberger, young Holocaust survivors who had left their native Czechoslovakia in 1947. The family emigrated to Australia in 1950, and settled in Brisbane, where a second daughter, Yvonne, was born. Since graduating from the University of Sydney in 1971, Kathy has taught English and Literature at Moriah College, Sydney, and Beth Rivkah Ladies' College, Melbourne.

Children of the Shadows: Voices of the Second Generation
University of Western Australia Press in association with Benchmark Publications (2002).
GROSS, Dick   Melbourne writer
Money for Jam

A Godless Gospel 1999
HOFFMANN, Catherine 1948- Crystal (1987)
Forms of Bliss (1988)
HOLKNER, Jean 1926-2004 Taking the Chook (1987)
JAWARY, Nita  

Melbourne writer

The Perpetual Table V1
The culture and cuisine of Judeo-Babylon and Old Baghdad
with music by Yair Dalal

JUBAL, Benjamin Newman 1902-1961 The Smile of Hershale Handle (1947)
KARPIN, Matthew 1959- In Our Own Day (date n.a.)
The Thesis (forthcoming)
KATZ, Danny  

Melbourne writer and columnist
Dork Geek Jew
Little Lunch series

KOHN, Peter 1955- Melbourne writer
Rachel's Chance (1987)
View from a Sandcastle (1998)
KOHN, Rachael   Sydney writer and broadcaster
KOVAL, Ramona 1954- Melbourne broadcaster and writer
Samovar (1996)
Jewish Cooking, Jewish Cooks
KRAMER, Tom   From Emancipation to Catastrophe: The Rise and Holocaust of Hungarian Jewry
University Press of America

Contributor "Children of the Shadows"
KROUK, Nora 1920- Sydney poet
LEWITT, Maria 1924- Come Spring (1980)
No Snow in December (1985)
LIBERMAN, Serge 1942- Melbourne doctor and author
On Firmer Shores (1981)
A Universe of Clowns (1983)
The Life That I Have Led (1986)
The Battered and the Redeemed (1990)
Voices from the Corner (2000)

A Bibliography of Australian Judaica
(1987; second revised & updated edition 1991;
third edition in process of being updated online)
LICHTENSTEIN, Bronwen   The Mazel Tov (1987)
(Published under pseudonym 'Sarah Ebenor')
LIPSKI, Sam   Melbourne journalist, broadcaster and editor
LURIE, Morris 1938- Melbourne writer
A Whole Life (1988)
Flying Home (1978)
Inside the Wardrobe (1975) - stories
The twenty-Seventh Annual African Hippopotamus Race
(And many other titles)
MARIN, Bernard 1950-

Melbourne writer
My Father, My Father (2002)

MARGO, Jill   Frank Lowy - Pushing the Limits
Man Maintenance
Man Maintenance 2
MARKS, Harry   The Heart Is Where the Hurt Is (1966)
Unicorn among the Wattles (1979)
MARKS, Stan   Melbourne writer
God Gave You One Face (1964)
The Holocaust and 21st Century
MARTIN, David 1915-1997 The Young Wife (1962)
Where a Man Belongs (1969)
(Many other books, including novels)
MAX, Helen  

Melbourne writer
Searching For Yesterday

MILLER, Deborah   Melbourne writer
The Company of Words (1998)
The Maisonettes (2004)
MYER, Rod   Melbourne writer
NAYMAN, Michele 1956- What You Love You Are (1977)
Faces You Can't Find Again (1980) - stories
Somewhere Else (1989)
Jetlag (1994)
PERLMAN, Elliot 1964- Melbourne author
Three Dollars (1998)
The Reason I Won't Be Coming (1999)
POLACK, Gillian 1961- Canberra academic and writer
Illuminations (2002)
RAVER. Mikki    
RIEMER, Andrew 1936- The Habsburg Café (1993)
Inside Outside (1995)
Between the Fish and the Mudcake
(And other titles)
REITER, David 1947- Hemingway in Spain and Selected Poems
Letters we never sent
The Gallery
Kiss and Tell
Sharpened Knife
ROSENTHAL, Lesley Sharon   Misadventures of Esmeralda Bloom
Milkshakes, Men and Melodies
RUTLAND, Suzanne   Edge of the Diaspora:
Two Centuries of Jewish Settlement in Australia

The Jews in Australia
SHAIAK, Gedaliah   Force and Defiance (1982)
(Also titles in Yiddish)
SKOVRON, Alex 1948- Melbourne poet
The Rearrangement (1988)
Sleeve Notes (1992)
Infinite City (1999)
SINGER, Ivan   My Father's Blessing, My Salvation (2002)
SINGER, Peter 1946-

Philosopher and writer
Pushing Time Away  2002
Writings on an Ethical Life


SINGER, Renata 1947- The Front of the Family
STONE, Deborah   Melbourne journalist, editor, speaker
STONE, Nina (ed)   Silent No More

Building A Life: Ted Lustig's Story


VALENT, Paul   Child Survivors: Adults living with childhood trauma
VARGA, Susan 1943- Sydney writer
Heddy and Me (1994)
Happy Families (1999)
VEROLME, Hetty 1930-

Perth-based writer

The Childrens House of Belsen  2000
Now published in Australia, England, Holland, Germany, Italy and France.

A film is in the works: stay tuned to this page for details as they come to hand.

VERSTANDIG, Mark   I Rest My Case (1995)
WATEN, Judah
1911-1985 Alien Son (1952)
The Unbending (1954)
So Far No Further (1971)
(And many other titles)
WELDON, Andrew 1971- The Kid with the Amazing Head (1998)
Clever Trevor's Stupendous Inventions (1999)
I'm so sorry little man, I thought you were a hand-puppet (2002)
WOLSKI, Nathan    
WYNHAUSEN, Elisabeth 1946-  

ZABLE, Arnold


Melbourne writer
Biographical notes

Born 1947 in Wellington, New Zealand, Arnold Zable's parents had emigrated from Poland in the 1930's. He grew up in Carlton, Victoria, and studied at Melbourne University and Columbia University. Arnold has travelled and worked in Asia, China, India, Europe, the USA, Papua New Guinea, and has taught at Melbourne University.

He has taught English to children and adult migrants, written and directed a film, written for theatre, and co-edits the "Melbourne Chronical", an English-Yiddish periodical. He also regularly writes for "The Age" newspaper, Melbourne. In 1991, Arnold was awarded the Ethnic Affairs Commission Award in the NSW State Literary Awards, and the National Book Council Lysbeth Cohen Award.

He has written:
"Glenn's Story" (film script, 1979)

"Clown Boy" (children's book, 1982)

"The River Man" (children's book, 1982)

"Jewels and Ashes" (1991)

"Wanderers and Dreamers: Tales of Yidish Theatre in Australia"

"The Fig Tree" (2002)


ZWI, Rose 1928-

Biographical notes
Born in Mexico between 1926 and 1930. Zwi moved with her parents to South Africa in 1930. They were originally from Lithuania. In 1949, she made Aliyah to Israel in an effort to move away from Apartheid, spent some time in London, and then moved back to South Africa in 1953. Zwi graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg) in 1967 with an Honours degree in English Literature. Rose worked as book editor at Ravan Press between 1979 and 1981, and began visiting black townships to take part in illegal poetry readings. In 1988, Rose moved to Australia, where she continued publishing her books:

"Another Year in Africa" Bateleur (Johannesburg, 1980)

"The Inverted Pyramid" Ravan Press (Johannesburg, 1981)

"Exiles" Ad Donker (Craighall, South Africa, 1984)

"The Umbrella Tree" Penguin (New York, 1990)

"Safe Houses" (Spinifex, 1994), for which she won the Australian Human Rights Award for Literature

"Last Walk in Naryshkin Park" (Spinifex 1998)

Rose has also written short stories, including "Stones", which won the Thomas Pringle award for best short story.


ZWICKY, Fay 1933-

Melbourne writer
Biographical notes

Fay was born in Melbourne, Victoria, in 1933. She graduated from the University of Melbourne with an MA, and began publishing poems and short stories in the 1950's. She had a career as a concernt pianist for several years, and then took up a position as Senior Lecturer at the University of
Western Australia in their English department from 1972 to 1987. Zwicky was a member of the Literature Board. In 1982, Zwicky was writer-in-residence at Macquarie University (Sydney). In 1984, she was writer-in-residence at Rollins College in Florida (USA), and in 1985, moved to LaTrobe University (Melbourne).

Zwicky has worked overseas in such places as Indonesia, Europe and America. Zwicky received the New South Wales Premier's Award in 1982, and the Western Australian Premier's Award in 1991 for poetry. She has published approximately 259 works, including reviews, criticisms, poetry,
and short stories. Some of her most recognised works include:

"Isaac Bable's Fiddle" (Poetry, 1975)
"Kaddish and Other Poems" (Poetry, 1982)
"Journeys: Poetry of Judith Wright, Rosemary Hobson, Gwen Harwood and Dorothy Hewitt" (Editor, 1982)
"The Lyre in the Pawnshop: Essays on Literature and Survival 1974-1984" (Critical Essays, 1986)
"Fay Zwicky: Poems 1970-1992" (1993)
The Gatekeeper's Wife (1998)


Anthologies of Australian Jewish Writing
Shalom (1978, revised 1988), edited by Nancy Keesing
Pomegranates (1988), edited by Gael Hammer
Enough Already (1999), edited by Alan Jacobs
Jewish Writing Down Under: Australia and New Zealand (1984),
edited by Robert and Roberta Kalechofsky
(Micah Publications, Massachusetts)

Bibliography of Australian Judaica (2nd edn, 1990),
edited by Serge Liberman -
to order click here
Select bibliography of material in the National Library of Australia
relating to Jewish life in Australia

Includes manuscripts, oral history materials, music, pictorial materials and more
Jewish writing in Australia - references
The Archive of Australian Judaica at the University of Sydney
Jewish Writing From Down Under--Australia and New Zealand
Publication of the Australian Council of Christians and Jews

Publications of the Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Centre
Melbourne, Australia

Write Your Story
The program of the Makor Jewish Community Library, Melbourne
Authors include:

Ajzen, Chaim Chaim Ajzen Remembers

Ajzner, Hania

Hania’s War

Altman, Kitia

Memories Of Ordinary People

Arnstein, Lenke

Recurring Dreams

Barnett,Mel Arnaff Good f'r a Dalston Boy: An East London Childhood
Beckwith, Doreen Full Circle: The Story of a Chained Woman

Benjamin, Sydney A.B.

A Full House

Boas, Bernard A.

The Five Books Of Boas

Buckner, Ille Starts and Pauses

Censor, Maria

Letters To My Mother

Cherny, Sylvia Who is Sylvia?
Cooper, Leo The Long Road to the Lucky Country

Eidelson, Meyer

Books, Tanks and Radios

Eisfelder, Horst ‘Peter’

Chinese Exile: My Years in Shanghai and Nanking

Erlanger, Arnold

Choose Life

Fabian, Garry

A Look Back Over My Shoulder

Fisher, Myra

Cossacks, Cockneys And Colonials

Friedmann, Jakob Reluctant soldier : a Jewish Partisan’s Story

Gardner, Helen

My Mother’s Child

Ginzburg, George

A Will to Live: Autobiography

Goldberg, Paulette

Just Think It Never Happened

Goldrei, Naomi

The Champions Of My Childhood

Goldstein, Guta

There Will Be Tomorrow

Gould, Lucy

Empty Corners

Gray, Gary

A Spoonful of Soup: and Other Stories

Grinblat, Ian

Nachum Zalman Gurewicz : a life

Gust, Itzhak

Such Was Life

Haberfeld, Lusia

Lauferin : The Runner Of Birkenau

Harari, Mayer

Second Exodus

Jawary, Sabiha

Baghdad I Remember

Kay, David as told to Ian Grinblat Tough Kid : Surviving Siberia in Style

Korda, Teri

My Dear Andrea And Andris

Korn, Henri Saviours, the Story of a Jewish Altar Boy

Kozminsky-Meyerowitz, Mena

Keeping the Promise: Memories of a War Bride from Israel

Leperere, Helen

Memoirs And Reflections

Mandelbaum, Rae

Echoes From The Past: The Rifka Norman Story T

Marks, Eva

A Patchwork Life

Max, Helen

Searching For Yesterday: a Photographic Essay about My Mother, a Holocaust Sorvivor

Philips, Hartog (Harry) Just Call Me Harry: Growing Up in A Dutch Village
Randles, Shirley No Locked Doors

Reisman, Kathy

More Than Nine Lives

Robin, Moshe and Stefa

Stepping Into Life

Rosenberg, Elfie

Serry And Me: Kindertransport and Beyond

Rosner, Maurie

The Bell Tolls For Thee and Other Short Stories

Roth, Marianne

An Intricate Collage

Rubin, Wolf

Wolf: Surviving By Art

Schimmel, Marilyn Pola’s Story

Schreiber, Vera

The Porcelain Doll

Schwartz, Schmul

Under Red Skies

Schwarz, Tess

The First Forty Families: Bringing My Family Tree and Forest to Life

Searle, Freda

Memory’s Wings And Apron Strings

Skall, Lily

My Story

Stern, Max

My Stamp on Life

van Rijsdijk, Mink The Shoes of a Foundling
Wroby, Godel

My Battle for Survival

Zylberman, Halina

Swimming Under Water


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