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Australia International
Yiddish Chanukah poem
translated by Theodore Bikel
2004 was the centenary of the birth of Isaac Bashevis Singer.
Read about the Nobel-prize winning writer
A section of Isaac Bashevis Singer's Nobel acceptance speech was in Yiddish
 Listen to a sound clip of the speech in Real Audio
Australian Yiddish Websites
Australian Yiddish Literature Read about Yiddish and the Internet

World Yiddish Websites
Jewish Songs of the Diaspora

A wonderful site explaining the ways that folk songs
reflect different themes of Jewish heritage.

in alphabetical order
Avivaleh's Yiddish Page
Der Bay
Gilbert and Sullivan - in Yiddish!!
Helen's Yiddish Dance page
Dances of the Jews of Eastern Europe.
Great variety of Yiddish resource links.
Jacob Richman's list of Yiddish websites
National Yiddish Book Centre
On-line Yiddish Bookstore
Refoyl's Yidishe Veb Zaytl
Yiddish baby names
Yiddish Language Playscripts
Includes 77 Yiddish plays from the Library of Congress Archives
"Yiddish Stuff"
Great variety of Yiddish resource links on the Haruth.com website
Yiddish Voice
Fascinating range of articles and links from around the Yiddish world
The preeminent center for the study of East European Jewry
and Yiddish language, literature, and folklore.
Yugntruf Youth for Yiddish website
A New-York based organisation that promotes Yiddish activities.
Zemerl - The Princeton University Jewish Song Database
Yiddish Song words.  An invaluable resource.
Jewish Cultural Center and National Library
The Penina Zylberman Yiddish Cultural Trust
Sholem Aleichem College
SKIF Youth Movement   
Yiddish Choir - Mir Kumen On

Yiddish Radio
Radio SBS Melbourne- 1224AM - Yiddish page
Yiddish programs
Fridays 3-4 pm, Sundays 12.15-1 pm, Wednesdays 3-4 pm

Radio SBS Yiddish page - in English

Hebrew programs
Fridays 2-3 pm, Sundays 11-12:15 am, Wednesdays 2-3 pm

Radio 3ZZZ Melbourne - 92.3 FM   Phone (03) 9415-1928

Sunday            11am to 12midday   Yiddish/English
Wednesday       9pm to 10pm          Hebrew
Friday                 3pm to   4pm          Hebrew

Programs can be heard from the website for up to a week after broadcast.

Yiddish Music

Jewish Folk Centre
Yiddish at the University of Sydney
Yiddish Language Literature and Culture
Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies


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the Zemerl Song Words website and the Yiddish Voice site.

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