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BOOK: The Bible in Israeli Folk Dances
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BOOK: The Bible in Israeli Folk Dances

by Matti Goldschmidt
2 Companion CDs available
192 pages

53 Israeli Bible-quoting dances
full texts in Hebrew and English translation
56 dance notations & 45 b/w photographs

Matti Goldschmidt, an expert on folk dancing history, has chosen Israeli folk dances whose lyrics can be traced back to the Bible.

He has researched the development of the dances and describes their origins.

Wherever possible, Matti Goldschmidt has included detailed descriptions of the dances and pictures for illustration.

The result is a resource full of information and inspiration for readers who are interested in the connection between the bible and dance.

Dances include Ashrei Ha'ish, Eretz Zavat Chalav & Yevarechecha.

$42.00 AUD
Price Includes Australian GST
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