Learning the Tradition

Biblical texts, Synagogue prayers, the Talmud & more

"The Bible Songs Project": Songs and dances from the Bible

As their sources are recited in prayer and readings on the Sabbath and throughout the Jewish year.

Parsha by DATE

Week by week Torah portion reading dates for 2017 and the next 7 years

Parsha by NAME

If you know the name of your Torah portion, this page will show you the upcoming dates it will be read in synagogue

Aliyah to the Torah

Being "Called Up" in the Synagogue


About the Haftarah readings in the synagogue, with explanations, prayers and translation


The 150 Psalms; first lines; individual pages with translations and transliterations.


About the Hallel prayer, when it is chanted and its sources.

Song of Songs

The 8 chapters of the Song of Songs with Hebrew text, translations, and links to Hebrew songs that source their lyrics.

Daf Yomi

Daily Study of the Talmud

"The Daily Page", the cycle of studying the Talmud, a page a day