Daf Yomi
Daily Talmud Readings

What is Daf Yomi?

Translated from Hebrew as "The Daily Page", Daf Yomi is the name given to the daily study of the Talmud, in which participants study one page a day in sequence until the entire text is completed.

This program, which takes 2,711 days (roughly seven and a half years) to complete, is undertaken by thousands of Jews worldwide, culminating in the Siyum haShas, a celebration of the completion of the cycle.

The Daf Yomi program has allowed many Jews - especially those that are not Torah scholars - to discover this ancient text, and has brought Jews together from all over the world in pursuit of higher learning.

How does it work?

There are many ways to participate in the Daf Yomi program.

You can study alone, with a partner or in a shiur (seminar) run by your local synagogue.

There are now many online resources (including HebrewSongs.com) which offer the texts as well as commentary and learning guides to participants, making the program accessible from anywhere.

Jews gather in synagogues, schools and homes all over the world to study the Talmud, and there is even a group in New York that studies together on their morning commute to work. http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/easy_riders_LGePszhvvWTBrJKnObKDEO


The Daily Talmud readings occur in cycles lasting roughly 7 and a half years (2,711 days)
We are currently in the 14th cycle which lasts until June 7, 2027.
(it began on January 5, 2020)*


"A Page a Day"
"On the Same Page"
"A Talmudic Journey Begins"

*Special thanks to Gary Fox of Portland, Oregon, the co-creator of The Bible Songs Project, for his updates and contributions..