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Classic Strings Simcha

The Leonora Ensemble is a string quartet that plays Jewish music in a classical idiom. A professional classical string quartet, they have a significant Jewish repertoire.

The Leonora Ensemble under the musical directorship of Janet Silverton, is classically trained and its repertoire includes substantial Jewish/Yiddish arrangements for trio and string quartet with the option of flute.

The Leonora Ensemble is quite unique in this field, as it is not a 'Klezmer band' but a classical group that also performs authentic Jewish repertoire in the classical idiom.

This CD of Jewish music performed by the string quartet called 'CLASSIC STRING SIMCHA', features a range of music that includes arrangements of Yiddish, Israeli and popular Jewish tunes.

1The Rebbe Elimelech
2 Hodutov/Sher/Papirossen/Sher/Mazeltov
3 Yevrechecha
4 Sunrise Sunset Medley-iDidiDai/Tumbalalaika/Finjan
5 Sabbath medley
6 Jerusalem of Gold
7 Wedding medley-Mazel
8 Ose Shalom
9 Waltz
10 Raisins and Almonds/At the Fireplace
11 Hora by Marc Lavry
12 Friday Night
13 My Yiddishe Momma
14 Exodus
15 Hassidid Medley-Ashreinu/Kotzatke/Debka/Oi der Rebbe Geht

Arrangements by J Silverton, M Silverton and M Lass

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