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Shop Home > **ISRAELI DANCING** > Dances of Avi Peretz > #121 Dances of Avi Peretz
#121  Dances of Avi Peretz

#121 Dances of Avi Peretz

Dances of AVI PERETZ

This package contains a DVD with 2 parts to each dance:
INSTRUCTION of the dance and VIEW of it being danced to the music.
It also includes a CD with the music of each dance.

Dances of Avi Peretz on this DVD/CD:

Ach Ya Rav
Al Na Tishal
Eretz Be'reshit
Ha'Mlachim Olchim Al Behonot
Ma Hu Ose La
Rikud La'Yovel
Zer Kalaniyot
Ahava Gan Na'ul
Ad She'Bata
Ani Nishba Lach
Eretz Ha'Chidot
Kfar Tudra
Le'Hitraot (A.P.)
Tango Tel Aviv

$37.00 Australian Dollars [Currency Converter]

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