Passover / Pesach
Seder nights for 2023:

First night Wednesday evening April 5
Second night Thursday evening April 6

For your Seders: Free printable song sheets

Pesach Websites in Hebrew

  • Bar Ilan University

    Suit adult/student, general to intermediate plus.

  • Galim by Snunit

    General & Israeli slant. For schools, family, children.
    Haggadah game & art; 3 stories; Seasons changing; Seder Plate & Pesach

  • Israel Ministry of Education

    Targeted at teachers, educators, national service staff in schools. Level is general, intermediate, intermediate plus.
    From background to activities to go for simulation, knowledge fun, discussions, games for classes; stories; articles to read and analyze.

  • Machon Chagim from Beit Hashita

    General, for early-middle school ages; with emphasis on Israeli innovations and flavour.

  • Hebrew Haggadah

    Complete, pointed Haggadah text in Hebrew for zip download

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