(e) Training session (2.5 hours speechwriting)

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(e) Training session (2.5 hours speechwriting)

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Buy (e) Training session (2.5 hours speechwriting)

Painless Public Speaking specialises in one-on-one training.

Clients are equipped to overcome their "fear of public speaking"

We work with with you to:

- Pinpoint what you really want to say to your audience
- Help you to write your speech.
- Give you vocal and confidence-building exercises
- Teach you microphone technique

We have a team of consultants who can:

- Go with you to check out the venue
- Liaise with the person controlling the sound system
- Professionally audio record your speech and make copies for distribution
- Help you with your PowerPoint or other electronic presentation

We can help with any other specific needs or requests.
We also do group training, on-the-spot on your premises
(ie at your business, school, university, aircraft voice-overs in-cabin etc)

The fee charged is for a two and a half hour training session including GST.

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