Permanent Schach Bamboo Mats - Size 1 - 1.1x1.3 Metres

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Permanent Schach Bamboo Mats - Size 1 - 1.1x1.3 MetresPermanent Schach Bamboo Mats - Size 1 - 1.1x1.3 Metres

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SCHACH MATS are used to cover the sukkah.

They are made out of bamboo which is sanctioned by Jewish law as an acceptable natural covering for the sukkah. (Some people prefer fresh schach, such as palm branches, which can be placed on top of the beams of the sukkah).

We sell only the Schach Lanetzach Bamboo Mats, because they are durable, and can be used for many years. (There are lower quality mats, which are light weight, not durable, and tend to mould very easily).

There are a number of different sizes of mats. The size is based on the size of the sukkah. For most of the sukkahs, it is possible to order the mat which is the same size as the sukkah. For the larger size sukkahs, it is necessary to order several mats, to cover the sukkah. If you are not certain which configuration of mats to order, please send us an email and we will help you determine which mats you need.

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