My Mother's Spice Cupboard

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My Mother's Spice Cupboard

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Author: Elana Benjamin
244 pages
Size 155 mm x 233 mm

A journey from Baghdad to Bombay to Bondi

A fascinating chronicle preserving a rich cultural heritage.

Unlike most other Australian Jews, Elana's parents were born and grew up in Bombay, and her grandparents were from Iraq, Burma and India.

My Mother's Spice Cupboard traces the history of the Baghdadi Jews of Bombay. It is the story of what happened to a community which no longer exists, how its members built new lives in a different country, and what it was like to grow up as one of their children. It's also about how much things have changed over four generations in one family and to what extent upbringing is influenced by culture, language and cuisine.

The themes underlying the story are those of family and community versus individuality; choice versus obligation; and tradition versus modernity. And underlying the entire narrative is the importance of food and cooking, which goes beyond the mere provision of sustenance to express warmth, love and hospitality.
• A family saga over four generations
• Sure to appeal to anyone interested in different cultures, religions and cooking

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