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Shop Home > Books > Biography & Memoir > Not Paradise
Not Paradise

Not Paradise

by Anna Rosner Blay
Hybrid Publishers

How do you live through traumatic experiences and survive them?

What sort of courage does it take to confront a past of loss and suffering, and still find the strength and resilience to make a new start?

Through the parallel stories of new beginnings by four women survivors of the Holocaust living in Australia, and that of the author's search to create a new life after the breakdown of her marriage, the process of transition is evocatively told by Anna Rosner Blay.

Despite individual struggles and grief, across the generations each woman has found a way of continuing to live a life of hope and fulfilment.

Highly recommended.

Anna Rosner Blay's previous book was the critically acclaimed 'Sister, Sister'.

$27.95 $19.95 Australian Dollars [Currency Converter]

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