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Shavuot - The Festival of Weeks

Shavuot is the Jewish holiday that celebrates the giving of the Torah,
the first harvest, and the ripening of the first fruits.

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Relating to
English title Is there a dance?
Adamah Admati
The Land Land, My Land Song and dance
Al Sadeinu The Land Song of the Field Song and dance
At Adamah The Land You Are the Land Song and dance
Atah Bachartanu The People You Chose Us Song
Bakramim Harvest In the Vineyards Song and dance
Debka Katzir Harvest Harvest Debka Song and dance
Debka La'adamah The Land Debka for the Land Song and dances
Dvash Vechalav Bible Honey and Milk Song and dance
El Asher Telchi Elech Book of Ruth Where You Go, I Go Song and dance
Eretz Zavat Chalav Dairy festival Land of Milk and Honey Song and dances
Esa Einai Psalms I Will Lift Up My Eyes Song and dances
Esev Bar The Land Wild Grass Intrumental and dance
Even Ma'asu Hallel A Cast-Away Stone Song
Hazor'im Bedim'ah /
Berinah Yiktzoru
Psalms Those Who Sow In Tears Song and dances
Hazor'im Bedim'at Ayin Harvest Those Who Sow in Flowing Tears Song
Hora Shalhevet
(Mul Har Sinai)
Bible Hora Flame Song and dances
Ki Hivshilu Eshkolot Harvest The Grapes are ready to Harvest Song and dance
Ki Mitzion Bible From Zion Song and dance
Kol Rinah Viyshuah Hallel The Sound of Rejoicing Song and dances
Lo Amut Ki Echyeh Hallel I Shall not Die for I shall live Song
Mal'u Asameinu Bar Harvest Fill Our Silos With Grain Song and dance
Min Hameitzar
Bible portion From the Depths Song
Nitzanim Niru Ba'aretz Harvest Shoots Appeared on the Earth Song and dances
Odecha Ki Aniteni Hallel I Will Praise You Song and dance
Pitchu Li Hallel Open to Me (The Gates) Song
Saleinu Al Ktafeinu Harvest Our Baskets are on our Shoulders Song and dance
Shav El Admati The Land Returning to My Land Song
Shedemati The Land My Field Song and dances
Shibolim Harvest Sheaves Song and dance
Shibolei Paz Harvest Golden Sheaves Song and dance
Shibolet Basadeh Harvest Ear of Grain in the Field Song and dance
Shir Asif Harvest Harvest Song Song and dance
Shir Asif   (Perach Bamidbar) Harvest Harvest Song
(A Flower in the Desert)
Simchu Na Harvest Rejoice Song and dance
Teneh Shel Tut Harvest A Fruit Basket Song and dance
Uzi Vezimrat Yah Hallel My Strength Song and dances
Veha'er Eineiynu Bible Brighten our Eyes Song and dances
Vehashem Mitzion Yishag Bible And God will Roar from Zion Song and dance
Vehitifu Heharim Asis Bible The Mountains Shall Drop Sweet Wine Song and dance
Vesamachta Bechagecha Bible portion Thou Shalt Rejoice in your Festival Song and dance
Yevarechecha Bible May He Bless You Song and dances
Yisrael Yisrael Hallel Israel Shall Trust in the Lord Song and dances
Zeh Hayom
(Odecha Ki Aniteni)
Hallel I Will Praise You Song and dance
Dos Lid Fun Broyt Harvest The song of Bread Song
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