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RUBINSTEIN, Dr Hilary L. 1946-
Historian, author + editor
Catastrophe at Spithead: The Sinking of the Royal George  (2020)
British Naval History

The Durham Papers (compiler and editor)  (2019)
Selections from the Papers of Admiral Sir Philip Charles Henderson Calderwood Durham G.C.B. (1763-1845)
British Naval HIstory

The Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History (co-author)  (2011)
Anglo-Jewish History

A Time to Keep. The Story of Temple Beth Israel: 1930 to 2005 (co-editor)  (2005)
Australian Jewish History

Trafalgar Captain: Durham of the Defiance  (2005)
British Naval History

The Jews in the Modern World: A History since 1750 (co-author)  (2002)
General Jewish History

Philosemitism: Admiration and Support in the English-Speaking World for Jews, 1840-1939 (co-author)  (1999)
Anglo-Jewish History

Menders of the Mind: a history of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 1946-96 (co-author),  (1996)
Australian history

The Jews in Australia: A Thematic History Volume One: 1788-1945  (1990)
Australian Jewish History

Chosen: The Jews in Australia  (1987)
Australian Jewish History

The Jews in Victoria, 1835-1985  (1986)
Australian Jewish History

The Jews in Victoria, 1835-1985  (1985)
(boxed hardback edition)
Australian Jewish History

Captain Luckless: James, first Duke of Hamilton (1606-49)  (1975)
British History

Write Your Story

The program of the Makor Jewish Community Library, Melbourne.

Both the Lamm Library and Jewish Holocaust Centre Library assist local Jewish writers seeking to publish their memoirs.

The Holocaust Centre helps to publish memoirs written by Holocaust survivors who are directly engaged with the Holocaust Centres as current or past volunteers.

The Lamm Library, through their continuing Makor Write Your Story program, fosters the publication of Jewish non-fiction stories of a vast array of Jewish topics by the Melbourne Jewish community.

Authors include:
Ajzen, Chaim Chaim Ajzen Remembers
Ajzner, Hania Hania’s War
Altman, Kitia Memories Of Ordinary People
Arnstein, Lenke Recurring Dreams
Barnett,Mel Arnaff Good f'r a Dalston Boy: An East London Childhood
Beckwith, Doreen Full Circle: The Story of a Chained Woman
Benjamin, Sydney A.B. A Full House
Boas, Bernard A. The Five Books Of Boas
Buckner, Ille Starts and Pauses
Censor, Maria Letters To My Mother
Cherny, Sylvia Who is Sylvia?
Cooper, Leo The Long Road to the Lucky Country
Eidelson, Meyer Books, Tanks and Radios
Eisfelder, Horst ‘Peter’ Chinese Exile: My Years in Shanghai and Nanking
Erlanger, Arnold Choose Life
Fabian, Garry A Look Back Over My Shoulder
Fisher, Myra Cossacks, Cockneys And Colonials
Friedmann, Jakob Reluctant soldier : a Jewish Partisan’s Story
Gardner, Helen My Mother’s Child
Ginzburg, George A Will to Live: Autobiography
Goldberg, Paulette Just Think It Never Happened
Goldrei, Naomi The Champions Of My Childhood
Goldstein, Guta There Will Be Tomorrow
Gould, Lucy Empty Corners
Gray, Gary A Spoonful of Soup: and Other Stories
Grinblat, Ian Nachum Zalman Gurewicz : a life
Gust, Itzhak Such Was Life
Haberfeld, Lusia Lauferin : The Runner Of Birkenau
Harari, Mayer Second Exodus
Jawary, Sabiha Baghdad I Remember
Kay, David as told to Ian Grinblat Tough Kid : Surviving Siberia in Style
Korda, Teri My Dear Andrea And Andris
Korn, Henri Saviours, the Story of a Jewish Altar Boy
Kozminsky-Meyerowitz, Mena Keeping the Promise: Memories of a War Bride from Israel
Leperere, Helen Memoirs And Reflections
Mandelbaum, Rae Echoes From The Past: The Rifka Norman Story T
Marks, Eva A Patchwork Life
Max, Helen Searching For Yesterday: a Photographic Essay about My Mother, a Holocaust Sorvivor
Philips, Hartog (Harry) Just Call Me Harry: Growing Up in A Dutch Village
Randles, Shirley No Locked Doors
Reisman, Kathy More Than Nine Lives
Robin, Moshe and Stefa Stepping Into Life
Rosenberg, Elfie Serry And Me: Kindertransport and Beyond
Rosner, Maurie The Bell Tolls For Thee and Other Short Stories
Roth, Marianne An Intricate Collage
Rubin, Wolf Wolf: Surviving By Art
Schimmel, Marilyn Pola’s Story
Schreiber, Vera The Porcelain Doll
Schwartz, Schmul Under Red Skies
Schwarz, Tess The First Forty Families: Bringing My Family Tree and Forest to Life
Searle, Freda Memory’s Wings And Apron Strings
Skall, Lily My Story
Stern, Max My Stamp on Life
van Rijsdijk, Mink The Shoes of a Foundling
Wroby, Godel My Battle for Survival
Zylberman, Halina Swimming Under Water


Thank you to those readers who contributed suggestions, corrected links and love this database!
Special special thanks go to David Ad?s, author of "Mapping the World" and a great friend of this project.


Thank you to those readers who contributed suggestions, corrected links and love this database!
Special special thanks go to David Ad?s, author of "Mapping the World" and a great friend of this project.