Songs and dances for Purim

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Ahavat Hadassah Love of Hadassah 2 dances
Al Hanisim In Honour of the Miracles 1 dance
Ani Purim I Am Purim 3 dances
Bein Nehar Prat Vechidekel Between the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers 1 dance
Chag Purim Purim Festival 5 dances
Chag Purim (2) Purim Festival -----
Chag Purim Higiya The Purim Holiday has Come -----
Chag Purim Hineh Ba Here Comes the Festival of Purim -----
Chag Purim Sheli My Purim Festival -----
Hadassah Esther Hadassah Esther 1 dance
Haleitzan The Clown 1 dance
Hara'ashan The Noisemaker -----
Hava Netzeh Bimachol Let Us Go Out and Dance 1 dance
Hayom Purim Today is Purim -----
Hayom Purim Lanu Today We Have Purim -----
Hora Agadati Hora of My Fairytale 1 dance
Hora Yayin Hora Wine 1 dance
Im Hashachar With the Sunrise 2 dances
Ksheharabi Mezamer When the Rabbi Sings -----
Kshenich'nas Adar When Adar Comes In -----
Kuni Lemel Everything Backwards 1 dance
Leitzanim Ktanim Small Clowns 1 dance
Leitzan Katan Nechmad Cute Little Clown -----
Lichvod Purim In Honour of Purim -----
Mischak Purim Purim Game -----
Mishenichnas Adar When Adar Comes In -----
Pizmon Lepurim A Purim Chorus -----
Pur Purim A Purim Lot -----
Rondo Lepurim Rondo For Purim 1 dance
Sason Viykar Joy and Worthiness -----
Shir Hakova'im The Song of Hats -----
Shir Hamasechot The Song of Masks -----
Shir Hara'ashan Song of the Rattle (ragger) -----
Shiru Purim Sing Purim -----
Shoshanat Ya'akov The Rose of Jacob 2 dances
Ten Katef Give Me a Shoulder -----
Utzueitza Take Counsel Together 1 dance
Yom Tov Lanu We Have a Festival 1 dance
A Lid Lichvod Purim
A Song in Honor of Purim -----

Notes on dances:

Al Hanisim
The dance and music pertain to the first line of the special prayer recited on Purim or Chanukah.
The body of the prayer has differentiation to specifically address Purim or Chanukah.
Included in both Birkat Hamazon and daily/Shabbat Shemoneh Esrei prayer.
(only Chanukah can fall on Shabbat).

Many thanks to Mickey, Barbara, Michael, Steve, from the Rikud Chat list for this suggestion.
Ahavat Hadassah
Chapter 1, v 7 of the book of Esther shows that her name is Hadassah:
"And he had brought up Hadassah, that is Esther"
Bein Nehar Prat Vechidekel
Since Purim took place in Shushan, between the Tigris and Eurphrates rivers,
there is this dance by Yankele Levy
Siman She'ata Tzair
The Purim tradition in my session on Long Island (in addition to Al Hanissim) is the line dance to this song (Eliyahu Gamliel 1979).

The original song is "Whiskey in the Jar" - an Irish drinking song - somewhat appropriate - at least the drinking part. :)
Additionally, aside from it just being a fun dance, it is a mitzvah on Purim to drink enough that one can't tell the difference between Blessed be Mordechai and cursed be Haman.

Many thanks to Honey Goldfein from the Rikud Chat list for these suggestions
Hora Yayin
Since a drink or two is part of the Purim tradition, any songs having to do with wine would also work!
.....and just for interest.... Songs that mention the word Purim in the lyrics:
Achoti Hak'tanah - Va'ani muchanah bepurim hashanah

Avremele Melamed - Umi saraf et beito beLa"g Ba'omer, vegilah rak az - shehabitu'ach nigmar bepurim?

Zmancha Avar - And in my dream, I'm back in high school on a purim party
There are 17 Yayin dances listed on

More notes about Purim

Great articles about singing on Purim, from the wonderful website of Batya Fonda:
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Yiddish Purim songs

In 1965, Dubi Seltzer directed a highly popular production of Itzik Manger's Songs of the Megillah which was originally written in 1936.
It was a great success, setting a new record in Israeli theatre with its more than 400 performances.

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