Songs and dances for Tu Bishvat
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TU BISHVAT dates and info

English title Comments Dance by
Al Haderech Etz Omed On the Road a Tree Stands Circle dance Yaakov Mariyoma
Artza Alinu We Ascended to the Land Circle dance Unknown source
Atzei Hatzaftsafot The Poplar Trees Partner dance Yankele Levy
Betzel Atsei Ha'oren In the Shade of Pine Trees    
Eretz Zavat Chalav Land of Milk and Honey Circle dance Eliyahu Gamliel
Eten Bamidbar I'll Plant in the Desert Circle dance Yankele Levy
Etz Chayim Tree of Life Circle dance Moshe Eskayo
Etz Ha'alon The Oak Tree    
Etz Hamishalot The Wishing Tree Circle dance Nona Malki
Etz Harimon The Pomegranate Tree Partner dance Gurit Kadman
Etz Hasadeh Tree in the Field    
Etz Hazayit The Olive Tree Circle dance Shmulik Gov Ari
Ha'etz Hu Gavoha The Tree is Tall    
Hahar Hayarok The Green Mountain Circle dance Bentzi Tiram
Hashkediya Porachat The Almond Tree is Blooming Circle dance Yoav Ashriel
Hazorim Bedim'a Those Who Sow in Tears Line dance Rivka Sturman
Hazorim Bedim'a (2)      
Ilan Tree Circle dance Elad Stahmer
Ilanot Pines    
Kach Holchim Hashotlim Thus Walk the Planters    
Nad Ilan A Tree Sways Circle dance Yonatan Karmon
Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boim On the Road Stands a Tree (Yiddish)    
Rakefet Cyclamen Partner dance Yoav Ashriel
Shir Al Etz   Circle dance Yaakov Mariyoma
Shirat Ha'asavim The Poem of the Grasses Circle dance Shlomo Maman
Tapuach Chinani A Graceful Apple Circle dance Yonatan Karmon
Tzadik Katamar The Righteous Man Shall Flourish Circle dance Yonatan Gabai
Tzel Etz Tamar Shade of the Palm Tree Circle dance Benny Levy
Vehaya Ke'etz Shatul He Shall be Like a Tree, Planted Partner mixer Shalom Hermon
Yesusum Desert & Wasteland Will Rejoice Partner dance Yoav Ashriel
Zum Gali Gali      
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