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The Untold Story of Australia & the Soviet Jews WINNER Prime Minister's Literary Award 2016

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International Concerts in Israel Oct 1 - Nov 20 Israel
She'ela Festival Oct 22 Melbourne
The World Music Expo 2017 Oct 25 - 29 Poland
Other Israel Film Festival Nov 2 - 9 USA
Overseas acts touring Israel 2017 Through 2017 Israel

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Comment: Tying the Jerusalem terror attack to the Elor Azaria affair

8 Egyptian police killed in north Sinai attack

Jewish couple receives racist letter after hanging Black Lives Matter flag

Hamas holds rally in Gaza to celebrate terrorist ramming that killed 4 Israelis


Alarm sounds in Golan Heights; spill over from Syrian civil war

Death toll from Somalia bombings rises to 358

Iraqi forces seize disputed town after clashes with Kurds

EU leaders back Spain in Catalonia dispute


What impact will Raqqa’s fall have on Syria’s complex war?

Art brings ‘peace’ to battle-scarred Lebanon districts

Bannon brings message of Republican revolt to California

Heartbroken Raqqa residents return to city in ruins


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Keep up with interesting events while you travel.  Read More   Songs and dances from the Hebrew Bible as their sources are recited in prayer and readings. Every week where there is a Torah portion that has a song or dance that references the words - you'll find it on our Bible Project.
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The Untold Story of Australia and the Soviet Jews

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