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  • "Poppyseed, poppyseed - any time."
    The late great Theodore Bikel, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • "I am a Masorti -Traditional Jew, therefore, traditionally there is only one type of Oznei HaMan - poppy-seed!"
    Rabbi Ehud Bandel, Jerusalem, Israel
  • "Well have to say I'm old-fashioned, mine is chocolate!!"
    Michael Barzelai, Zichron Ya'akov, Israel
  • "I bake my own "humantasi" (in Romanian) after a recipe of my grandmother and of course I think they are the best in the world. The filling is made of walnuts and honey and no matter the varieties there are on the Israeli market, I stick to these as they remind me of home and of the Romanian Jewish Community i grew up in..."
    Dana Vereanu, Ramat Gan, Israel (originally from Romania)
  • "Strawberry or chocolate.
    Here's a link to one of my gluten free recipes for hamentashen:
    Ellen Allard, Worcester Massachussetts, USA
  • "My favourites are poppyseed and jam - preferably strawberry jam."
    Mark Leibler, Melbourne, Australia
  • "Bourbon Cherry (to go in a chocolate dough) and
    Pear Cardamom
    (to go in a rosewater-scented dough - think Persia)"
    Abby Kerbel, Rockville, Maryland, USA
  • "2020 is my first time I am making them. This is mixed fruit jam filling."

    Aaron Thangaraj, Erode, India 
  • "My favorite 'Oznei Haman' are poppy seeds filling! Covered in powdered sugar!"
    Bruria Kohen, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • "Poppy seed and apricot fillings. I bake my own humantasi....yummm"
    Glenda from Northern Nevada, USA
  • "Call me old fashioned, but I always prefer Poppyseed filling. If I'm feeling adventurous I might go for Halva."
    Dana Kessler, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • "I have yet to meet a hamantashen I didn't like."
    Ernie Gruner, Melbourne, Australia
  • "As a musician most of my Purim revolves around the shows that I am playing over the course of the holiday - so Poppy-seed!"
    Asher Barkin, Cleveland Ohio USA
  • "Any hamantashen from shuk Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem!!!"
    Pesach Steinberg, Melbourne Australia
  • "I bake Parve and have made apple butter, apricot, apricot riesling, carob hazelnut, cinnamon apple, black cherry, black currant, blueberry, cherry, cherry shiraz, date/walnut, fig, mango, pineapple, plum, poppy seed, prune, raspberry, strawberry and Adama Bomb jelly (hot pepper, vinegar and organic sugar).  I am personally fond of fig jam, date, apricot, prune and apple butter."
    "2017's flavors include Apple Butter, Apple Spice, Apricot, Black Cherry, Date/Apple, Fig, Mandarin Orange, Mango, Mixed Berry, Pineapple, Plum, Prune, and Strawberry/Habanero/Mixed Berry, which isn't leaving the house!   Happy Purim! "
    "Update: 2020 flavors:
    Apple Butter, Apple Spice, Apricot, Blueberry, Date, Fig, Lekvar (Prune), Mixed Berry, Orange Marmalade, Peach Blackberry, Raspberry and Strawberry."
    Sharona R. Wachs, Albany, New York, USA
  • "I miss a very very dear friend who is no longer with us. She would make old style Lithuanian hamen tashen with poppy seed filling. As hard as I try I am unable to dublicate this special hamen tashen."
    Chaya Wein, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • "Poppy Seed, Prune, Apricot"
    Shirona Lurie, Portland, Oregon, USA*
    Publisher's note: If you haven't heard Shirona's CD, you haven't lived.
  • "Prune only. I'm a classicist."
    Fran Manushkin, New York, USA
  • "Our group Kol Hakavod usually buys hamantashen from a group of handicapped people that belong to our kehil?. The filling has strawberry marmalade."
    Liliana Slaifstein, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • "My favourite hamantashen filling is halva! Vanilla or pistachio halva."
    Nurit Karol, London, UK
  • "Date, of course. Second place goes to halva."  (I'm from Israel, dates and halva are very popular there.)
    Dina Guralnek, Brisbane Australia.

  • "I love Oznei Haman with Tamar (dates) which we buy on Rechov Yaffo in Jerusalem.
    Elihu Ben-Onn, Jerusalem, Israel
  • "Gotta go with NUTELLA!  The very best filling -- just the right consistency and chocolaty-ness.This year I made Hamantashen Calzones -- pizza dough filled with tomato sauce and cheese but shaped like Hamentashen.  Put in Mishloach Manot with a bottle of beer.
    Chag Sameach!"
    Lynn Berman -- Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • "My husband and I had our Milk Bar near Balaclava Junction in Caulfield well over 30 years ago. I loved to bake and so I baked for our shop covering many festivals. I used to make Hamentashen from a special pastry consisting of butter, flour, sugar and egg yolks. I filled them with jam and crushed almonds and walnuts; they were a favorite both at home and our shop."
    Rachel Vivat, Melbourne, Australia
  • "I'm a chocoholic, so chocolate hamentashen are the only ones for me!"
    Deborah Wenger, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • "As someone who grew up feasting on hot jam donuts at the MCG (and Prahran Market) the same goes for my hamantaschen - any red jam filling will do for me.
    (The same for latkes, challah and matzah by the way.)
    Ashley Browne, Melbourne, Australia
  • "Mine is apricot, though I'm also partial to prune and raspberry. Poppy seeds, not so much. Happy Holiday!"
    Elizabeth Zimmer, New York, USA
  • "My favourite is Halva."
    Elad Stahmer, Haifa, Israel
  • "My favorite is definitely straight poppyseed. The best!"
    Michael Gawenda, Melbourne, Australia
  • "Apricot is my favorite, but any fruit filling will do!"
    Jim Rothman, Torrance, California
  • "Such memories of joy and unity are reminded through the receiving of strawberry jam hamantashen to start the day's celebrations of Purim at school and further carried on at community school events. Gosh, good hamantashen are a weakness of mine!"
    Leeor Chabat, Melbourne, Australia
  • "My favorite filling is apricot. I often make them myself as those are the best ones! Or I buy them from one of the Jewish style bakeries in my neighborhood."
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • "At the Golden Hill Steiner School we made Hamantashens and put rasberries, blueberries and jam in the middle. The children gave them a thumbs up success."
    Denmark, Western Australia
  • "Favourite Hamantasch filling - apricot jam. Best place to acquire one - those baked by my 4-5 year-olds Kindergarteners at Leibler-Yavneh ELC!!"
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • "I bake my own hamentaschen and it seems I have a number of favorite flavors. However, at the top of the list is my Nutella variety. This year I made peach for the first time and loved it! Other favorites include apricot and raspberry, and a nutella raspberry combination."
    Eve Franco, Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • "My new favourite is Cannoli. (Cannoli is an Italian pastry with a ricotta based filling - the filling tastes fantastic in hamantashen!)"
    Recipe for Cannoli Hamantashen
    Phil Moss, Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • Eve's Nutella would be first with Phil's Cannolli a close second. :-)
    Howie Goldman, Hawthorne, New Jersey, USA
  • "The old old traditional poppyseed."
    Yoram Danino, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • "I love Hamantashen. Especially chocolate!"
    Gary Samowitz, Melbourne, Australia
  • "My fave is custard filling. But something which would be great to try is this!  
    BBQ Brisket Hamantashen
    Adam Rushinek, Melbourne, Australia
  • "Strawberry jam. Yum!"
    Devorah Komesaroff, Melbourne, Australia

  • "My favourite is chocolate, of course!"
    Esther Blumenthal, Melbourne, Australia
  • "My grandmother was a magnificent cook of all pastries. She never measured anything. Every year, she started making hamentashen a few weeks before Purim so she could give all her good friends a large box filled with them. She made the best poppy seed hamentashen. I can still taste them when I think of Purim even though it's 25 years since she passed away."
    Viv Lewin, Sydney, Australia
  • "I bake my own hamantash and I use apricot, prune or poppy seed filling. I use SOLO filling - it's ready made and wonderful.
    If by any chance I do not bake I can always buy them in the supermarket - Giant, Safeway or BJ'S. I usually bake as my grandchildren love hamantashen!"
    Silver Spring Maryland, U.S.A.
  • "I have been baking my own hamantaschen for years. The batches I made were apricot, poppy seed and prune butter. By far the most popular in my house was the prune butter, and I've been making them since. Probably about 35 years!"
    Orlando, Florida, USA
  • In Brazil we love with "dulce de leche" -
    a sweet made with milk and sugar, very creamy, delicious
    Henry Lederfeind, Brazil
  • "I go for the poppy seed and the apricot. But ask me again next year after I try the dulce de leche ones I've been reading about on your page!
    Mitch Ginsburgh, Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA
  • "My favourite is jam.
    My fondest memories of childhood has always been all dressed up waiting for the Purim feast.
    That was the one meal when nothing was off the limits any food any nosh we were allowed to eat.
    I recall once having some delightful guest at the Purim dinner and they brought this magnificent tray of freshly baked chocolate filled and chocolate coated hamantaschen. I can still taste the chocolate oozing out.
    As I took that bite, my mum with a twinkle in her eye gave me this smile and said "Moish aren't they yum!!! "
    Moshe Kahn, Melbourne, Australia
  • "I like them all equally- no favorites! Bring them on!"
    Donna Sirlin, New York, USA
  • "My favorite is apricot or any of the berries filling. Happy Purim! Purim Sameach! Feliz Purim!!!:-)
    Chefi Vogel, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • "I make my own:  Dates which I cook over very low flame to soften them then lots and lots of nuts - pistachio, almonds and/or macadamia nuts.  Yum!"  
    Dinah Danon, Sydney Australia
  • "My favourites are strawberry jam and poppy seed! Yum!"
    Evie Gawenda, Melbourne, Australia
  • "Mine is poppyseed all the way. Hands down."
    Alana Grunspan Calhoun, USA
  • "For me it has to be mohn (poppyseed in Yiddish): melt-in-the-mouth short crust pastry with that luscious filling. For a healthy bit of diversity I add a handful of cacao nibs to the 2nd half of the mohn mix.
    Liora Lalita Claff, Lismore, NSW, Australia
  • "Poppyseed, or hazelnut jam (or almond jam). Mmmmmm x
    Noemi Liba, Melbourne, Australia
  • "Shlomi and the kids make the Oznei Haman in our house and they are all delicious, but the Nutella and the poppy seed ones (made by little hands) are just a touch better!
    Irith Shade Shemesh, Miami, Florida, USA
  • "My favorite flavors are the ordinary chocolate and poppyseed fillings."
    Baruch Fridland, Kfar Saba, Israel
  • "At Purim, I like to have poppy seeds coming out of my pipik... all from the hamentashen...."
    Lionel Mrocki, Melbourne, Australia
  • "Nutella or lemon. Just the smell of them being made, bring all the kids to the kitchen! Making them brings the family together and the story of why we eat them being told.
    There is also a funchetti one with cheese cake filling and a savory one with egg filling."
    Alexandra Wolfson, Melbourne, Australia
  • "I make my own hamentashen. I make 2 different kinds; my husband likes fruit-filled ones, made with dried apricots and prunes, while my 2 sons and I like poppyseed filling. I buy the filling, which is very yummy, from my local kosher bakery. My daughter doesn't like hamentashen, period."
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • "I make my own prune and walnut filling for the hamantaschen. I follow Evelyn Rose's recipe. This year my son asked for chocolate hamantaschens so I bought some Nutella to try."
    Hertfordshire, England
  • "Prune is my favourite filling. I have fond memories at 7 years, folding the dough around the filling with my mother and baking it just enough to get that chewy yet crisp bite. Ah so sweet!"
    Asher Laub, Westchester, NY, USA
  • "Ah..., hamantashen...
    I bake my own. I use my grandmother's recipe (she was a Yerushalmit born in 1890, so when I say it's a very old recipe, trust me, it's a very old recipe...).
    The filling is unique, it's part fruit; we usually prefer prune or apricot for the fruit, & part other stuff with the fruit. There are lots of ingredients in the other stuff; among those ingredients are poppy seeds, sesame seeds, pine nuts, coconut... & other goodies...
    They are very different from all other hamantashen that I've had."
    Los Angeles, California, USA
  • "I like my "Oznei Hamman" with black grapes. My mother in law used to make them."
    S?o Paulo, Brazil

  • "The photo is Mom's 2017 hamantashen with mixed fruit filling. Two weeks before Purim, she had to lock the cookie tin. Had to save some for actual Purim!

    She makes several batches. Has to, because my dad and I will eat through 30 of them without a problem. She makes the filling with dates, figs, or prunes and also some marmalade and orange juice. She makes the dough thinner than what usually you see at a kosher bakery. 

    I love to see what other people are doing all over the world. I was just talking to my Mother about it and she and I were kind of curious about how some of the different filling recipes came from. We came to the conclusion that families came to a new area and took advantage of what was available locally. Nuts and honey filling, etc."
    Jonathan Jacobs, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  • "I used to be a chef and made them primarily with poppy seed, prune, and cheese.
    I made them with Danish Pastry and cookie dough."
    Cardiff, California, USA
  • My wife likes the: prune ones. Me: Poppyseed and chocolate. I am a chocolate fanatic, and seek out scientific proofs that it is healthy!"
    Rabbi Shmuel Morris, Melbourne, Australia
  • "I love the poppyseed ones!"
    Maya Abramovich, Melbourne, Australia
  • "I'm a traditionalist I still love Pereg (poppyseed )....Though apricot is not bad either!"
    Julie Friedman, USA
  • Cheese and poppy seeds - very traditional.
    Steven Gruzd, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • "My favourite is poppyseed and prunes"
    Lorraine Basist, Melbourne, Australia
  • "I like poppyseed the best! We usually eat with poppyseeds in Latvia"
    Elena Gorelik, Riga, Latvia
  • "My favourite is Pereg (poppyseed)."
    Eyal Eliyahu, Israel
  • "My favourite fillings tend to always be sweet, like a plum or a fig filling, but I guess its different for everyone and we are only limited by our imagination. My childhood memories were of Mum making hamentashen selections including ones filled with cheese and cinnamon, or plum jam, or potato and onion."
    Liz Davidson, Melbourne, Australia
  • "My favourite is chocolate!"
    Shani Badihi, Israel
  • "My favourite is chocolate with Nutella! Good for dancing!"
    Eran Bitton, Kibbutz Glil Yam, Israel
  • "Poppyseed. I want to split them open and eat the poppy seed out of each of them!"
    Lindy Tamir, Melbourne, Australia
  • "My favourite are strawberry marmalade and also chocolate ones!"
    Analia Shocr?n, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • "Mohn (poppy seed) all the way!
    April Grunspan, San Antonia, Texas
  • "My favourite flavours are walnut and honey or strawberry jam."
    Linda Goldsmith, Melbourne, Australia
  • "Poppyseed, I'm crazy about poppyseed."
    Yehuda Kaplan, Melbourne, Australia
  • "I love anything with chocolate so....chocolate it has to be!"
    Yael Koskas, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • "My favourites: Dates & chocolate of course!"
    Ilan Maman, Melbourne, Australia
  • "My favourite is old fashioned poppy seed in a Danish pastry."
    Nechama Werdiger, Melbourne, Australia
  • "My Great Aunt Dorthy's poppy hamantachen for sure! She would make large, yeast dough, with dry poppy and send by mail to all the family. Poppy is still , by far my favorite."
    Dori Sella , Raanana, Israel & Singapore
  • "Hands down my favorite is prune. The filling is called Lekvar Prune Butter."
    Art Feinman, Melbourne, Australia, ex-USA"
  • " Good old strawberry jam!"
    Julian Duband, Melbourne, Australia
  • " I love poppy and raspberry."
    Miriam Handler, New York, USA
  • "Poppy seed. Always!"
    Pearl Zoureff, Melbourne, Australia
  • "My favorite is dulce de leche (sweet Argentine invention)"
    Monica Rubinstein, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • "My favorite kind is the kind that my wife, Sharon, makes: lovely pastry, with apricot filling. They are fantastic."
    Moshe Perl, Melbourne, Australia
  • "Pereg - poppyseed. That is the real thing. The original ozen haman!"
    Eytan Finkelshtein, Givat Shmuel, Israel
  • "Prune, apricot, raspberry and of course chocolate. Prune/apricot and apricot/raspberry combinations are also good."
    New York, NY, USA

    "My grandmother, Mary Nodelman Frankel from Tyvrov, Ukraine, teaching me how to make hamentaschen. She turned a glass upside down and used it as the cookie cutter. Based on the appearance of the sticky-looking jar on the table, I'm guessing that this batch was filled with strawberry preserves, but we also made them with lekvar, apricot, and mohn fillings."
    Anne Samachson, Brooklyn, New York, USA



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